China trade data and led to the country’s weak demand concerns. China is the largest energy consumer in the world. Market turnover is lighter than usual 人脑中控制人平衡力的是

The rumor effect of production reduction is short? China data dragged down oil prices fell FX168 hearing on Monday (February 15th) the European market in early trading, Brent crude oil and U.S. crude oil futures prices fell, as the dollar rise, China trade data and led to the country’s weak demand concerns. China is the largest energy consumer in the world. Market turnover is lighter than usual, while New York oil market is closed due to Monday’s presidential holiday. But oil markets still kept most of last Friday’s gain of more than 10%. The day’s rally was due to rumors that OPEC would eventually reach a production reduction agreement to reduce oversupply. Last Friday, the two major indicators of crude oil rose more than 3 U. s.dollars. Prior to the media quoted the United Arab Emirates energy minister said, OPEC member states ready to cooperate to limit production. Iran, a vice president said Saturday that the country’s current daily oil exports to 1 million 300 thousand barrels by March 20th next year, Iran will start to reach 1 million 500 thousand barrels. Nigeria’s oil minister, said the OPEC is from the internal atmosphere of distrust began the trend of a consensus, that is must reach a decision to end global oil prices decline. He said he would personally hold talks with Saudi Arabia and Qatar oil chief. "The lower the price, the more power the oil producing countries reduce," said Okato Shoji analyst Kaname Gokon. But including the International Energy Agency (IEA), many analysts believe that, OPEC and other oil producers output to reach an agreement to reduce the expansion of supply chances. "We still believe that if prices are artificially supporting production, it would only give high cost producers to provide more breathing space, can only solve the problem in the short term," Phillip futures said in a report. China’s exports in January decreased by 11.2% compared with the same period of last year, and imports plunged by 18.8%, much weaker than expected. China’s crude oil imports declined by 20% in January compared with last month’s record highs. Beijing time 16:15, Brent crude oil futures prices fell 0.42%, at $33.21 a barrel; U.S. crude oil futures prices fell 0.85%, at $29.20 a barrel. Proof: Star into [shares] discuss Sina Finance

减产传闻效应短暂?中国数据拖累油价下跌   FX168讯 周一(2月15日)欧市早盘,布伦特原油和美国原油期货价格下跌,因美元上升,且疲弱的中国贸易数据引发了对于该国需求的担忧。中国是全球最大的能源消费国。市场交投或比往常清淡,因美国周一适逢总统日假期,纽约原油市场休市。   不过油市仍然保住了上周五逾10%涨幅中的大部分。当日大涨是因为市场有传闻称,OPEC或最终将达成减产协议以降低供给过剩态势。上周五两大指标原油涨幅都超过了3美元。之前媒体援引阿联酋能源部长的话称,OPEC成员国准备合作限产。   伊朗一名副总统周六表示,该国目前的每日原油出口量为130万桶,到3月20日下个伊朗年开始时将达到150万桶。   尼日利亚石油部长表示,OPEC内部的气氛正从互不信任开始趋向一股共识,也就是必须达成一个如何终结全球油价跌势的决定。他并表示,他本人将同沙特和卡塔尔油长举行会谈。   “价格越低,产油国减产的动力就越大,”Okato Shoji分析师Kaname Gokon称。但包括国际能源署(IEA)在内的很多分析机构都认为,OPEC和其他产油国达成减产协议以降低不断膨胀的供应的机会渺茫。   “我们仍然认为,如果油价受到减产的人为支撑,也只会给高成本的生产者提供更多喘息空间,仅仅能够解决短期问题,”辉立期货在一份报告中称。   中国1月出口较上年同期下降11.2%,进口骤降18.8%,均大大弱于预期。中国1月原油进口较上月所及纪录高位下降20%。   北京时间16时15分,布伦特原油期货价格下跌0.42%,报33.21美元 桶;美国原油期货价格下跌0.85%,报29.20美元 桶。   校对:星晴 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: