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Legal Enduring an accident is just plain tragic. Dealing with the aftermath which is often worse is why hiring a personal injury attorney is necessary. Hiring an injury or accident attorney has a multitude of advantages. The biggest advantage is that employing an accident attorney after a car accident can help provide you with the necessary recovery and funds that are absolutely needed. Accident attorneys in West Palm Beach are seasoned experts of injury law practice and will put you in the best position to acquire the most compensation. But be wary of your choices: choose a lawyer who only handles injury law cases. If a lawyer is handling bankruptcy cases, criminal cases, divorce cases, in addition handling injury cases, then you end up with a lawyer who is a jack of all tradesand master of none! One of the many questions that people have regarding personal injury attorneys in West Palm Beach is How will long will a case take to settle? Brian D. Guralnick, a well-experienced West Palm Beach accident attorney explains that there are a number of factors that determine when a case is usually settled. The first and most crucial element of the process is the client’s health. The most important thing for a client is to receive treatment for whatever damages have been inflicted upon him/her and to regain full health. Typically it takes somewhere between five months and a year, but that really depends on the patient and their injury. At that point the injury lawyer can begin to try to settle the case with the insurance company. If the case settles at that point, the case is over. If a settlement is not reached, then the lawyer would have to initiate litigation by filing a lawsuit. It can take as little as a year to get a case to trial, or if you have a verdict and its appealed, then it can be another year or two on appeal. So there are a variety of factors that are considered in how long a case will take. Typically it will be six months if an individual has recovered within that time and the case can settle without filing a lawsuit. Ideally, most cases get resolved without having to go through a lawsuit. If a lawsuit has to be filed, then the case could be resolved within a year or it could go on appeal, which could be another couple of years. Thats why its crucial for a West Palm Beach resident to choose their appointed accident attorney wisely. Getting into an accident isnt by choice, but dealing with the aftermath by selecting the right personal injury lawyer is definitely a choice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: