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Careers-Employment Since the advent of information technology and internet; our lives have experienced plenty of drastic changes. One such change has transpired in the field of education also. Interference of information technology has changed the old and introduced some new ways of receiving education. The biggest change is that education has also gone online. Now, the process of learning through online means is considered more authentic and reliable than the medieval one. Change is never welcomed instantly. The idea of online education was also not accepted at the outset. But, it kept on penetrating gradually and now it has become sort of a first choice. This article intends to highlight some key and most prominent advantages of online learning. Fully caters the students need: E-learning has garnered immense popularity among students because it can be modified on case to case basis. A student who is aware of his strengths and weaknesses can engineer the learning process to make it most suitable for him. This luxury is impossible in class room environment. In a class room teacher deliver a lecture on a specific topic in a specific period of time and move forward regardless of student understands. But, online learning enables a student to address specifically the subject or topic that has been troubling him. For instance, if a student is facing difficulties in chemistry; services of chemistry tutor can be hired from internet. Cost effective: one of the biggest advantages of online education is it offers world class education at a lower cost. Students who cannot afford to travel outside their country can enrolled in a distance learning program in a university situated in any part of the world. Another blessing of internet is free online tutoring . Indubitably, internet is heaven for those who are looking for knowledge. Articles, videos and tutorials are rife on internet about any subject under the sun. Even scholars are writing their doctorate thesis by using the sea of content and material on internet. Bright students who would remain deprive of knowledge and education can now pursue their education. Videos on sharing platforms like you tube are abundant on any subject. All these benefits make this option extremely beneficial for the third world students specifically. Education system is dilapidated in most of the developing countries; therefore many brilliant students do not excel in academics. Learning through internet has provided them an access to the advanced courses, certifications and all sorts of technology. E-learning has not been just beneficial for students but also been a great help for teachers also. It has provided employment to many young graduates looking for jobs. Now they cannot just offer tutoring services through internet but also prepare solutions of the problems in written form or in the form of video and upload them on internet. In a nutshell, world of education has totally been transformed with the intervention of information technology. And now it has so much been penetrated into education that those who will not adapt themselves will certainly lag behind. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: