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Business Paparazzi have been going crazy ever since Mukesh Ambani announced his dream home project; a 1 billion dollar palace smack in the middle of the over populated Mumbai city. Mud slingers are a dime a dozen and they havent stopped criticizing this obvious display of wealth and mockery in the face of poverty. The Indian public is extremely touchy about the poverty crisis of the country. The word rich is readily associated with selfish and money stealers. Hypocrisy is one ideal that is abundant in the country. Yes we desperately want all the high end foreign brands to come to our country and give us that Uber cool status; yet we look down upon the people who do have the buying power to consume those products and sneer at their flashy display of wealth. Large chunks of newspapers are dedicated to how this wealth could have been put to good use etc. Lets not forget that Mr. Mukesh Ambani has created one of the biggest empires in the world through hard work not by wishful thinking. Reliance Industries provides employs to countless individuals; is employment not one of the primary demands of our nation. If you try to compare Mr. Ambani to Warren Buffet then probably there are several points on social consciousness that could be adopted. However lets take a look at ourselves. How often do we care about social development within our income means? Are we more likely to donate our savings or collect enough to get an expensive phone or new car? One of the things that people need to acknowledge is that Mukesh Ambani is no sneaky politician who suddenly ended up with this amount of wealth within a year in office. He hasnt tucked away his wealth in some obscure bank in an obscure country to evade taxes. Speaking of the amount of space and design of the home; do you know how much space the homes of some of our big politicians consume? Once again at the risk of being repetitive; Mr. Mukesh Ambani has earned the right to his money and the resulting expenses. Speaking from a complete third person view with absolutely no commission from Mr. Ambani; He may not be an underdog we all love to support, but he certainly deserves the right to decide how to spend what he earned. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: