” Wu Min slightly surprised 正妻不下堂

Small Business Wu Min with wood since the spirit to sing, to almost two months now, but before the time, always in this kind of reason, or no opportunity to put forward, or simply that Wu Min determined he did not , so this topic has been dragged down. And now, on the one hand is arranged just seen over the Jiang Hao magical means of protecting the Alexander matrix, on the other, but also Herve Leger UK the conversation evolved to the point where now, in short, Wu Min is suddenly made up his mind, be regarded with Jiang Hao sharing the card. But, indeed, although the sincerity shown by Min Wu is considered very rare, but it was not Jiang Hao desired results. Between his words as meaning, should be enough to want to pay the price after the formal study with a teacher (of course, is unlikely to want to worship Jiang Hao almost as a teacher, but hidden behind fancy Jiang Hao ‘ expert ‘a). But anyway, in short, he is like tied together with Jiang Hao, to establish closer relationships with the … … "Ah, in fact, this matter really is not money and fame like the secular can be solved!" Thought for quite a while after some embarrassing spit Jiang Hao This one is very vague words. However, in the eyes which Wu Min, SG, when suddenly dim, Jiang Hao mind them, but it is suddenly a flash, one thing to remember, so no other Wu Min opening, he went on to say down: "However, Wuxiong desire, it is not no way to achieve. For example, in reality not, but in the" eternal life "which is a lot of opportunities. And I also remember that you seem to worship Herve Leger Bandage comprehension of it into the martial art, martial art which is not how to think more do? " "Oh, never mind, the official propaganda is quite correct, quite nice, and said what ‘in the" eternal life "in which everyone has the opportunity to learn advanced methods of Taoism said" it, but in fact, is not the same as with the reality , a new name it! "Although Jiang Hao here ran into sort of a small nail, but in fact, Wu Min has also long been prepared in this respect, so the idea is not how depressed, and soon on the adjustment of the over. However, the proposal after hearing Jiang Hao, just disgruntled Wu Min is also a help, and in front of a large Jiang Hao grievances to back up: "In reality the need to use credit to buy martial arts Cheats point as well as social contribution to the point, but also in the game but these things into a virtual gold and silver, there was nothing meritorious value it, and what is difference? " "In reality there is no credit point people to the game which will be able to get rich yet? In reality, no opportunity, no ability to get the community contribution to point people to the game which is not the only struggling in the same the Herve Leger Strapless , where there is much chance to get meritorious value? casual-player is the case, need to face exploitation in various martial arts, martial art we have these players is the same, but the value of those contributions and the like just another denomination, in fact, really is the new name! " "Oh, the original Wuxiong some cynical feelings, really do not see it!" When Wu Min happy after vent for a while, Jiang Hao This chuckled, but just for that Wu Min some grumbling, Jiang Hao own but can not completely agree, "but there are two points, Wuxiong but you are ignored. The first is that" eternal life "in this virtual world is just open not long, it is in the process of self-improvement, is not the same as the real world completely rigid stereotypes of the second point, more important, is that in this "eternal life" which does not really death, resurrection Herve Leger Skirts be unlimited, so long as willing to endure hardship, willing to work hard, in the "eternal life" which would not have really lack of opportunity! " Min Wu are not specifically came with the debate, so to see his face began to emit a kind of wistful look after Jiang Hao will soon come to a halt this topic: "Well, sometimes emotion, put it too the point, Wuxiong do not mind, but Wuxiong you how the situation in which martial art, also do not raise another the next, but in the Closer to home, I have a question to ask – Miss Wu Xue also has her mercenary group led by members of the game which is what the situation, Wuxiong you know? " "Snow them?" Wu Min slightly surprised, slightly recall a bit soon replied: "They Herve Leger Dresses to be doing a large task? I am not very clear, because the cultivation of relationships, one was directly into the game Yuxiong assigned to the ‘comprehension’ were gone, although recently there have an opportunity to move, but whether it is real or a game in which there are complicated affairs, some fuss down, I have not had time to connect with them in the head inside the game The … " About the Author: 相关的主题文章: