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UnCategorized This starting point is the most important one, when a senior thinks, whether he should take this loan or when he ponders how reverse mortgages work. A senior reverse mortgage is a serious loan, like a traditional mortgage and it has several long term influences. 1. Is It True, That A Bank Will Pay Me? That is the whole idea, how reverse mortgages work. The target is to arrange more disposable money for a senior. When you have taken the reverse loan, the bank starts to pay to you according the plan, which you have decided. If you have a traditional mortgage still unpaid, you will pay that away with the reverse loan and get even more disposable money every month. 2. I Have Heard About The Counselor, What Does He Do? The federal counselor is maybe the most important person in the decision process. He is the only person, who can tell a senior how reverse mortgages work and how they work in the case of a particular person or persons. It is important to know, that the counselors are independent experts and not in the service of any lender. 3. Who Can Qualify? The reverse loan qualification have been made easy so that as many as possible can get it. If you are American, age 62 or over and own a home, where you have equity left, you will qualify. And most of the home types will fulfil the HUD requirements. If up to three persons will become borrowers, they all have to meet the requirements. 4. When Is The Payment Time? A senior will not pay back anything monthly. The loan capital and all expenses will be paid back at the closing of the loan, which happens when the last home owner will move away or die. If the selling price does not cover the loan capital and costs, then the mortgage insurance will pay the difference. 5. What About Taxes? When a senior pays the interest during the loan running time, he will not actually pay them, because all expenses will be paid, when the loan will be closed. That happens when the borrower will permanently move away and the home will be sold. After a senior has paid the interests, he can deduct the expenses at the taxation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: