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Home-and-Family If you are a first time pet owner, or if it has been a while since you introduced a new dog to your home, housebreaking your puppy may seem like quite the challenge. There are three major factors involved in successful puppy potty training: consistency, planning and patience. Housebreaking is likely the first venture you will have in any form of dog training. The dog training method you use here will likely be the one you will use later to teach commands such as sit, stay, and down. You should focus on a positive reinforcement method that rewards your dog for good behavior, i.e. eliminating outside. To begin housebreaking your dog you will need to practice regular walks outside. Walks right after meal time are best, since a fully puppy belly may push on their bladder. As soon as your dog uses the bathroom outside immediately reward the behavior. Dog treats are a great reward when housebreaking your new addition. Carry a small plastic bag of treats with you each time you and your puppy go outside. You can avoid giving your puppy too many calories by breaking rewards into smaller pieces. Your puppy wont know the difference; he or she will just appreciate the prize. When you go outside with your dog for an elimination walk, you must spend enough time out there for him or her to go. Try not to come in too early, or they may just go inside. As soon as your puppy uses the bathroom outside and you have provided a reward, go straight back inside. This will give your puppy the message that the main purpose of going outside is to use the bathroom. You may want to wait to introduce longer walks until your puppy is fully housebroken. If your dog uses the bathroom in your home, immediately take him or her outside. You will help to associate the outside with this behavior. If possible, you may even want to transport the elimination product outdoors for your dog to see and smell. Try to avoid scolding or punishment. You want to remain positive, so your dog does not become scared or weary of the housebreaking process. A scared dog may not understand your message and may hide behind furniture or in far rooms to do their business. Another helpful way to train your dog is by example. If you have another dog in your home, your new puppy will likely follow your dogs example of going outside to eliminate. Each time your older dog goes outside, have the puppy go too. Most pet owners must work a job and therefore must leave their dog home alone. Puppies cannot hold their bladders for more than a few hours. So, you must make some allowances to deal with this situation. Puppy pads are thin white pads specially designed for dog training. Puppy pads are much like using diapers on a baby; they are nice to have, but you never want them to be a long term solution for elimination purposes. Crate training is also an important part of puppy potty training. A crate is a small cage or area that is especially for your dog to sleep and relax in. You should never put a puppy pad in this area. Instead, move your dog from the crate to their puppy pad to use the restroom. If you must be gone for long periods of time, you may want to put your puppy inside a larger puppy play area with the puppy pad and save the crate training while you are at work for when they are able to hold themselves longer. When you train your dog, you must be consistent. Plan and create a routine and stick to it. You must also have patience. No dog is housebroken in just one day. If you follow these three rules, you will soon have a successfully housetrained dog. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: