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How To Make Your Audience Tune Into Your Presentation Posted By: Rich Talbot Music is often an afterthought when it comes to designing and delivering a PowerPoint presentation, and it’s frequently used for nothing more than background noise. However, by giving some thought about how music is going to be used in your PowerPoint presentation, you can help create a number of benefits for you and your audience. Some of us use sounds in our presentations to grab attention – that well-known gun fire, or exploding bomb noise, or the round of applause. But adding in music from a CD can deliver more impact and help create the perfect ambiance. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 has a range of functions that enable you to add in sounds to your presentation. There may be times when you will have the undivided attention of your audience – and there will be times when people’s attention starts to drift away. We are capable of concentrating completely on a delivery for not more than 10 minutes without any thought interruption. During your presentation you may be sharing new information; so try to deliver this after the settling in and before the switching off period.powerpoint training courses uk powerpoint training courses uk Find Microsoft Powerpoint Training In Houston Posted By: Williamjon Microsoft PowerPoint is practically indispensable to any individual, business owner or a corporation. It enables you to present your ideas, reports, analysis, etc. in an interesting, yet coherent fashion. It allows you to make your point or pitch your idea in a way that is clear and appealing, giving it a better chance to be accepted by the audience. No wonder then, that being proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint is a must for an individual who needs to communicate his ideas in this highly competitive world. If you are looking for a Microsoft PowerPoint Training in Houston, where do you start? Facilities The first thing you need to look for in a Microsoft PowerPoint training center is its facility. Ideally, it should have more than facility, all conveniently located, so as to make them more accessible to their clients allowing you to choose one that is best suited to you. Secondly, it is important to ensure that all the facilities are uniformly up-to-date with their hardware and software. Another very important aspect of a good training center facility is a highly trained and certified training staff that can provide innovative learning solutions as well as 100% hands-on training. Does Your Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Need Audience Handouts? Posted By: Evan Harris. Audience handouts are a way of giving the attendees of your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations something to remember you by. They normally consist of printouts of the presentation; one, two, three, four six or nine slides to a page. Naturally, however, whether or not the essence of your presentation can be captured by this kind of printout depends on the nature of the presentation.To customize the appearance of handouts, click on the View tab of the PowerPoint ribbon and then click on the Handout Master button. In PowerPoint, masters allow you to determine the format of the three main elements within a presentation; slides, speaker notes and handouts. When you are in handout master mode, the Handout Master contextual tab appears. It contains a Page Setup section which allows you to choose the orientation of both the page as a whole and of the individual slide miniatures. It also contains buttons for activating or deactivating the header, footer, date and page number as well as for formatting the background of the slide.Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 slide presentations PowerPoint 2007 training courses Microsoft Office 2007 tutorial training computer software computers sof Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Microsoft Powerpoint Training, Earn That A+ In Everything You Do Posted By: Art Gib When I was a teenager computers were just starting to become a bigger part of schooling. We would have a computer lab that we went to do our reports, but we didn’t spend much time in the computer lab. There were several things that were just starting to come out with technology and I was so frustrated that my parents weren’t getting it. I kept telling my parents that they needed to move up with technology. I now look back at those days and laugh at my attitude about my parents being behind times. Now I am the parent that is behind times, but striving to keep up with the current times. One of the things that I am amazed at are the programs that even elementary school students are learning in a computer lab. They are learning Microsoft programs and how to get around on the internet. They are learning how to write documents and create graphics and all kinds of things in computers at school. The other day my 6th graders computer teacher came up to me and said that my son was brilliant in the Microsoft PowerPoint.Microsoft PowerPoint Training Microsoft PowerPoint Training Too Much Information To Organize? Microsoft Access Is The Way To Go Posted By: Art Gib Several years ago I was involved with an event that required tons of information. The information ranged from who we were contacting for the event to what information they gave me to their contact information to what they were donating to tracking if it had been picked up or mailed. Then on top of that we had to keep track of the value of the items that were donated and then what the starting prices were going to for the auction. Then after the event we needed to track what each of the items sold for and the item numbers and who purchased the items. Needless to say we had a million lists going in several different directions and it became pretty difficult to keep track of who had what. As we were talking with someone about all of this process and the information that we were trying to track they asked if we had thought about using Microsoft Access for all of this information. I had used Microsoft Excel for keeping track of this information, but I was finding that I wasn’t able to do all that I wanted to do.Microsoft Access Training Microsoft Access Training The Three Components Of An Effective Powerpoint Presentation Posted By: Rich Talbot People take Microsoft PowerPoint training to learn how to use the software, but using PowerPoint is not the same as making a good presentation. You need skills beyond what you learn in Microsoft PowerPoint training. There are three elements in a good PowerPoint talk: the speech, the report, and the slides. The Most Important Component – Your Presentation This doesn’t mean the PowerPoint slides; it means your speech. "Speech" may not the best word since that brings to mind a speaker who drones monotonously while listeners daydream. The goal of your presentation is communication. The best communication imparts information through emotion. We have two sides to our brains, one concerned with facts and figures and one with creativity and emotion. A speaker who appeals to both sides communicates the most effectively. Think about the last time you heard a speaker who really held your attention. It was probably someone animated and engaging. To deliver a great presentation, you don’t need to be overly animated or attempt to tell lots of jokes. Giving a great presentation is about connecting with your audience, speaking to them rather than at them, and holding their attention.microsoft powerpoint training microsoft powerpoint training Basing A Powerpoint Presentation On A Series Of Images Posted By: Andrew Whiteman Whether you are communicating with an audience, your colleagues at work or a group of clients or potential clients, a PowerPoint presentation is a great way of getting you message across. But did you know, you can base a PowerPoint presentation around a group of images and, what’s even better, PowerPoint will create the presentation for you. This technique works best where the images are closely related to the core theme of the presentation, for example, if you are introducing a new product range and you have just loaded a bunch of product images onto your computer. You begin by choosing New from the File menu which displays the New Presentation task pane on the right of your screen. In the New Presentation task pane window, you click on the option marked "Photo Album". When the Photo Album dialogue appears, your first task is to locate the images. Images can be loaded from disk or imported directly from a scanner or digital camera. To specify where your images are located, just click on File/Disk or Camera/Scanner as required. The Photo Album window is very versatile.microsoft powerpoint powerpoint presentation images digital camera scanner microsoft office software information technology computer software microsoft powerpoint Posted By: jagdeep singh The Right place to get Trained for Computer Courses and Certification exams AND #8211; Online Education ABCO Technology is one of the leading Computer Training Schools who prides itself for providing hands-on practical computer training to both individuals as well as corporate professionals. ABCO Technology is your one stop center for exceptional training programs in a wide variety of delivery formats including computer based training, live instructor led hands-on computer courses, on site training, as well as IT certification boot camps. We understand that everyone has a preferred method of learning. With that in mind, we AND #8217;ve broadened our selection to take into account the different teaching methods available today. We prepare students by delivering Hands-on job oriented training with real time projects which teaches them how to apply the knowledge that they gain in classes along with preparing them to pass the vendor based certification exams, which build confidence and assist individuals to apply for a job in the IT industry.coaching online education coaching on net education coaching Using Microsoft Powerpoint As A Tool For Teaching Posted By: Rich Talbot Thinking back to long gone school days, I recall the majority of my teachers delivering their lessons with the aid of a blackboard and a piece of chalk. There was also the occasional individual who preferred to use a white board or an overhead projector because it allowed them to introduce colour into their presentation. Nowadays, more teachers have access to computers and with adequate training, are therefore able to deliver classes with the aid of PowerPoint. By incorporating photographs, video clips and sound into presentations important concepts can be illustrated in a clear and informative manner. Ways of using PowerPoint in Lessons – Outlining a plan of activities – This is particularly useful at the start of a new term when you want to give the students an overview of the material that needs to be covered. – Informing the students about the next assignment – This can cover the material that needs to be included, reference sources, deadlines and assessment criteria. – Teaching new ideas to students – A PowerPoint presentation can be used to introduce a new topic to your students. It can be particularly useful for clearly displaying complex formulae.microsoft powerpoint training microsoft powerpoint training Pump Up Employee Competence And Morale With Mos Certification Posted By: Rich Talbot Are you looking for a way to give your company that extra business edge? Do you wish you could get more from your employees and yet also make them feel like an important part of your company’s vision? Studies have shown that companies that implement a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification program see wide ranging benefits. Employees have the training to improve their productivity and are made to feel valuable with a company-financed professional certification. It sends a message to customers that your business employs skilled specialists to provide the best service possible. However, the certification tests are not easy. Microsoft has designed the examinations to challenge the knowledge of certification candidates, ensuring that they are true experts in all aspects of Microsoft Office applications. In-house training runs the risk of leaving important holes in an employee’s knowledge that could prove fatal at the time of the exam. Training must focus not only on the skills your company needs, but also on skills your company doesn’t employ. MS Office courses are designed not just to provide training to make your employees more effective, but to provide the proficiency needed to pass the certification courses.microsoft power point training microsoft power point training Microsoft Powerpoint Training – Power To The People Posted By: Rich Talbot Persuasion technology is used for presenting or promoting a point of view. Presentations are a part of most of our lives today, whether to dazzle others with our oratory skills or to sell our top of the range products. Gone are the days of handwritten slides, blackboards or whiteboards or overhead projections in the world of presentations. School children, university students and members of the business community are now, more often than not, faced with having to prepare or listen to PowerPoint presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint training enables the user to get the most out of the software. In addition to preparing slides for use during meetings, presentations can be displayed on the web, converted into handouts and linked with multimedia software. Presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint has become the medium of choice because of its ease of use. It is a useful tool for creating professional looking presentations either from scratch or using the AutoContent Wizard. According to Microsoft, some 30 million presentations are made with PowerPoint every day by business people, teachers and students. Yes, that’s right, 30 million each day. This figure alone suggests that Microsoft PowerPoint training would be a useful activity in which to partake.powerpoint training powerpoint training Increase Sales With Microsoft Powerpoint Training Posted By: Rich Talbot Have you considered how much more effective your sales career could be if you had a mastery of PowerPoint? Whether you’re in the business of selling products or services, a well constructed PowerPoint presentation is a serious tool for winning over prospects. It’s a fact that people comprehend and retain more when they can see and hear the information. With just two days of Microsoft PowerPoint training, you can learn everything there is to know about creating presentations that will take your sales career to a new level. The Sales Power of PowerPoint You may start your PowerPoint training expecting to learn a few tips and tricks but leave with a whole new method of driving sales. With the skills learned in PowerPoint training, you can build a multi-dimensional sales pitch that can be duplicated and delivered an infinite number of times. PowerPoint presentations can be emailed to clients or integrated with your company’s website for visitors to view. Static text is no match for a tactful presentation of images, sounds, and movement. Advanced PowerPoint Functionality Most people don’t realize how robust Microsoft PowerPoint is and how much of an impact it can have in conveying information.powerpoint training london powerpoint training london Microsoft Powerpoint Cheat Sheet: Tips And Shortcuts Posted By: Rich Talbot Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular programs within the Microsoft Office suite, being used to create and present a huge number of slide show presentations. If you have not had any PowerPoint software training you are probably not aware of the many shortcuts available within the application. This article will provide you with some tips and useful keyboard shortcuts to help make PowerPoint quicker and easier to use. These kind of hints and tips can be learned by attending a Microsoft Powerpoint training course. Tips Here are a selection of simple tips to try out when using Microsoft PowerPoint: Changing from upper to lower case or vice versa If you have text that is in the wrong case do not despair, there is a simple way to correct it. Select the text you wish to correct and then click SHIFT+F3 until it changes to the case that you require. SHIFT+F3 toggles between upper case, lower case and initial capital styles.powerpoint software training powerpoint software training 相关的主题文章: