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Self-Improvement A woman attracts a man using both skill and some elements of luck. She must have luck because by nature, men and women have variable tastes, so whether a man will respond to her depends on his peculiar personality. She must have skill also, because her behavior will no doubt have an impact on how things turn out between them. Chance is not controllable, but honing and improving her understanding of managing men is an acquired technique. Before a relationship and after one has formed lies a period where a woman uses her talents to draw in the man. This period is commonly known as the flirting phase. In general, flirting is an ongoing process that continually occurs between the genders. There are several reasons for this. First, as humans, we rely on opportunities of social interaction to practice these skills. It’s natural to expect that one or both parties of a conversation will engage in flirting if there are no strong prohibitions against it. Second, flirting has become to be seen as a natural social lubricant to facilitate communication, as long as it’s conducted in a benign, respectful way. Three simple pieces make up the act of flirting: nonverbal cues before any talking, proper dress and grooming to ensure she is not misinterpreted, particular things that she says which indicate interest on her part. One, a woman uses nonverbal cues like eye contact a smiling before words have been exchanged. Two, a woman dresses in clothes and is groomed to suggest that she would be interested in forming new connections to others. Three, a woman speaks in a certain way signifying interest in another, using both specific words and topics. How a woman uses her eyes is important for meeting a man. Before a woman and a man have started talking, a woman needs to get the attention of a man. If she’s in a crowded room or in the midst of many other people, she needs to signal specially to the man. Using her eyes is one way of doing so. She must first show no special attention to others, merely passing her eyes over things around her in disinterest. But for the man who is the object of her interest, she needs to be able to lay her gaze on him for one or two more seconds longer. This small increase in gaze time will attract a man’s attention. Should this fail, she can repeat it once or twice. When a woman is talking to a man, she needs to flirt to show that she’s interested. It’s important to maintain an "open" stance. That is, her arms need to be uncrossed, and her face and neck exposed to the man to show that she’s receptive to his attempts at interacting. She should also make sure to stand in such a way so as to break off contact with her inner circle, so signal that she’s making a special effort to face him and talk to him. Flirting cannot occur in a vacuum. If a woman has poor choice of dress, cosmetics and messy hair, she is setting herself up for a more difficult task for meeting men. Imagine a woman who comes to a party dressed in very casual wear like track pants and running shoes. Not only is she out of place, she’s signaling to everyone that she really doesn’t care about attracting men and may in fact already be in a relationship. These small considerations for looking good don’t matter in the long run, but are crucial as the tiny factors that add up to successful flirting.’ To summarize flirting for women, a woman should apply herself to learn the aspects of flirting over which she has great control. Along with knowing how to put on make up and dressing right, she can watch and try techniques in spoken and non-spoken communication. Each bit will only help strengthen her chances of seducing the right man. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: