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Travel-and-Leisure Cat Island and Bahamas Vacations There are two ways to enjoy Bahamas Vacations, one is to spend a lot of money and get the most luxurious accommodations and the other is to explore an island in its bare elements which is what Cat Island is all about. Cat Islands isolation made it suitable for a cotton plantation which is what western settlers set out to do and the remains of those structures still stand today which you can view on top of Mount Alvernia, the highest peak of the island at 206 feet. Leading up to Mount Alvernia, you will need to pass through the stairs carved from stone at Como Hill where the monastery of St. Francis of Assisi built by Father Jerome Hawes in the 1930s still stand; the priest made good use of his time alone and hand carved the stairs and the church itself. Visit the Mermaid Hole Lake in Bain Town and see if stories about a beautiful mermaid living there is true. If adventure is what youre after, Cat Island will surely give you more than you can handle. Activities during your Bahamas Vacations Getting wet and spending time in the water is not everything when it comes to Bahamas Vacations as there are also places you can go to for fun and exciting things to do in land or away from the water. The Cloisters Garden in Nassau is one of the favorite places in the Bahamas for staging weddings because of the 14th century French monastery that was transferred from France to the US then finally in Ocean Drive overlooking the harbor of Nassau; its grand design filled with pools, fountains, and ancient structures make it irresistible to tourists. Hike 206 feet into Como Hill at Mount Alvernia in Cat Island, its the highest point of the Bahamas and you can also visit the hand carved stone staircases and monastery built in the 1930s by one Father Jerome Hawes; the reclusive priest who inhabited the island and tried to spread Gods words. Ancient mariners relied on land based guides like the Andros Lighthouse in Andros Island erected in 1852; today its a wonderful viewing deck for the lovely sunset at the Bahamas. Fun in the Bahamas is not limited to the water but also in dry places. Tie the Knot on your Bahamas Vacations Bahamas Vacations will always lead you to think about how magnificent it would be to get married in a beautiful island. Overlooking the bay, the Romora Bay Club and Resort, is perfect for sunset weddings especially if held in the pink sands of Harbour Island with beautiful greenery; world class cooking will cap off the most awaited day of your lives. Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour is a spacious property in the Abaco Island where couples who enjoy a lot of company can do their wedding; with a capacity of 2,500 heads theres sure to be a place for everyone. Bimini Bay Resort and Marina will give you the best oceanfront layout for the grandest affair of your life and they are willing to do all the work for you; being there will be your only participation. The Bahamas was created for the best weddings you can imagine. Nassau and Paradise Island: Best Bahamas Vacations If you love the island life that Bahamas Vacations affords but you dont want to exert too much effort or stay too long in the open sun, Nassau and Paradise Island are your best options in the Bahamas. Bay Street is the oldest thoroughfare in Nassau and its the hub of all commercial activity in the island; wide selection of shops and stores line up this once British Colony territory which is still evident in the structures architecture. Go to Dolphin Cay at Atlantis in Paradise Island and get to experience the mystery that has hounded inhabitants for thousands of years, the Lost City of Atlantis; snorkel your way through ruins and artifacts underwater with sharks and other sea animals circling around you. Commune with the oceans most lovable creatures at the Dolphin Encounters on Blue Lagoon Island just three miles off the coast of Nassau where you can either swim with bottle-nosed dolphins or pet them on platforms; its an activity families can enjoy together. Urban yet so close to nature, thats the perfect way to describe Nassau and Paradise Island. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: