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Quit-Smoking If you are already aware of the complications due to smoking, then it’s the right time to quit smoking for good. The biggest point to consider when you are giving up smoking is the health factor. Many researchers have stated that about 50% of smokers die due to the smoking related illnesses. This article will give out information on the smoking related illnesses for you to realize the main reason why you must plan a quit smoking timeline and quit smoking for good. Cancer – Everybody knows for sure that lung cancer is usually the case due to smoking. If you are not aware of this fact, then let me tell you that you also have other cancer risks like the mouth cancer and cancers involving the larynx (mouth box), throat, bladder, pancreas, kidney, and stomach as well as some kind of leukemia. You can be prone to lung diseases, stroke, heart attacks, diseases in the blood vessels, blindness and other illnesses, risk to mother and child, and years lost in your life due to smoking. What is the reason to quit smoking for good now? It doesn’t matter if you are a chain smoker for years now; quitting can make you live longer than estimated. Individuals, who stop nicotine before 50 years, reduce the death risk for another 15 years as compared to ongoing smokers. All the ex-smokers live a good life and get fewer amounts of illnesses as compared to smokers. The renowned researchers have concluded that: Once you quit smoking for good, the same can have instant health benefits for both men and women; The ex-smokers live much longer than the smokers; Once you quit smoking, it will decrease the risk of all kinds of cancers, strokes, heart attacks as well as the chronic lung disease; It will be very beneficial for women who quit smoking before pregnancy. To quit smoking for good is a great option for women smokers especially as they also have the task of bearing babies. Smoking can hamper the growth of a baby. Recently, there are lots of restrictions on the smokers and it is just not acceptable socially. You need to realize and quit smoking for good. It will also save others the dangers of secondhand and third-hand smoking. Know the fact that thousands of second hand smokers die due to this. Set a nice example for your children. Ask this question to any smoker whether he would want his own child to smoke, and then he will answer negatively. Also, researchers say that in case of any of the parents smoke, the child is more likely to smoke when he grows up. It is better to be a nice role model for your own child and quit smoking for good. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: