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College-University Study area for a student comes with many questions. The ideal might provide too much privacy and not allow for easy assistance. Problems The student needs an area that is free from distractions such as telephone, television, video games and family conversations. It needs all the supplies necessary to complete the work and today most likely that means a computer. The control of the influences that come to the child from outside the home is difficult with a computer. Ideal Students who could go to their bedroom might work better than a corner of a room used by all members of the family. In this situation, the young student could go into the bedroom, close the door and work on studying without any disruptions. A small desk in the corner of the room could provide supplies and organization, but the problem comes with adding a computer to this area. The fear of predators makes this a less attractive choice than it should. Parents might be able to set up some guidelines with older children that provide the parental controls for the parents while the student has a computer in the bedroom. In addition, parents are not readily available to assist the student if problems arise. Students do better if parents are involved in the education of there children. The student may be reluctant to let his or her parents know of the challenge a subject or project is causing, but a parent who sees struggling behavior can intervene. The student might need to have multiple areas of study. Multiple areas A student might have a single study area in the bedroom and a shared study area for the family. The family study area maybe the family office area where the student comes to inform the parents of the homework tasks necessary. The family computer or computers sit in this area. The family computer enables the parents to check in with school district websites for information on the student’s progress and class assignments. The students email friends or visit social network sites within this area so the parents can notice any inappropriate activity. In addition, all the students in the family can work; together to get the assistance he or she needs from parents and other siblings. Later, the student receives permission to go to the quieter bedroom study area once the parents know the tasks. If the family has a wireless network, the family members could have laptops that they store in this area as well. When the parents know what the computer task entails, the students receive permission to take the laptop to his or her room. Later, the computer returns to the area for parent’s examination of Internet history if they desire. Parents can stop in the room to examine the progress. Homework provides practice in guiding one’s own time, but where we do, it requires care. Safety, environment and adequate equipment and supplies provide the essential components, but other options remain available for personal preference. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: