everyone started laughing. It is so because Von just moved his brush about 广州松田职业学院

Reference-and-Education Once there was a colorless tiger in a zoo. The tiger was shaded only in white, black and gray like the black and white movies. The little tiger was famous all across the land because of his colorlessness. Many great painters from different parts of the world visited the zoo and tried their hands to color the tiger. Everyone failed because whenever a painter tried to paint the tiger, the color used to drip down from the skin. Then one day Van Cough, the crazy painter came. Van was a strange guy who used to travel from country to country and happily painted with his brush. When Von expressed his wish to paint the tiger with his brush, everyone started laughing. It is so because Von just moved his brush about, as if to paint; but he never put any paint on his brush, and neither did he use any canvas or paper. He painted the air and thus everyone started calling him Van Cough. Just after entering the tigers cage, Van whispered something in the tigers ear and started moving his brush on the animals body. To everyones surprise, the tigers skin started to take on color. After coming out of the cage, people asked Van how he did this. He explained everyone that while moving the brush on the tigers body, he whispered a phrase in its ear, In just few days you would be free from the cage and can again experience the beauty of the wild nature. It was the sadness of being in cage that soaked all the colors from the tigers life. Seeing the tigers condition, the zoo authorities finally decided to release him from the cage and thus sent him back to the forests after few days. Freedom is that particular thing that every living being wants. Human, animals and even plants also need freedom to grow properly. Kids are considered to be the most soft and sensitive human beings. We often may not realize the importance of their freedom, but it is as important as food for them to grow. When the mind is free, it becomes more productive and creative. It is important for the parents to know the development needs and phases of their child. When kids are just few months old, they need freedom of expression. They cry and laugh because they wanted to express their feelings. As the child grows old, the sphere of freedom enlarges. Parents should give kids complete freedom depending upon their age. The modern day educationists recognized it well that students should enjoy complete freedom inside the classroom so that they can explore the world. But parents and teachers should always keep on monitoring the activities of the kids. Sometime evil forces try to lead the youngsters to destructive ways. Parents and teachers can develop a bond with the kids where they will enjoy their freedom as well as can express their inner conflicts freely. Often parents attempt to "keep their kids young" by not allowing them to take part in the same activities as their peers and that results in a level of deception that can ultimately put a child in even more danger. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: