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Technology keeps changes with the time, especially in the field if computer software you need to be trained and educated on the latest programming techniques and software development skills. Among the most popular software development programs Microsoft Sharepoint has a strong niche in the enterprise resources. With the help of Sharepoint development you will be able to host the intranet based webpages within your organization. By using this software you will be able to share all the MS office documents among your peers with the help of intranet. You can do the following objects: You can centralize all the groups in your enterprise You can allow others to see your documents and you can even protect the documents by providing separate passwords You can store the documents or you can download the documents from the other system There is a provision for editing the documents as well You can upload the edited documents to the server which allows others to access the updated ones. With the help of Sharepoint development you will be able to provide the following services: Sharepoint deployment services Sharepoint site branding Sharepoint custom webpart development Sharepoint SQL reporting Sharepoint QA and testing Sharepoint web development and portal development Java is considered to be most popular for its portability. The end users of an organization use the Java programming for running the various programs or java applications. The main advantage of using the Java development is that it uses and automatic garbage collector in order to manage the memory in the object lifecycle. Java uses the libraries that are basically the compiled bytecodes of source code developed by the JRE implementer; these libraries support the application Java development. You need to understand the various libraries in order to bug free development of the applications. The java developers use a comprehensive documentation system known as Javadoc. This documentation provides the developers an organized system for documentation. If you are looking for the offshore development services then you need to consider certain points in order to get the satisfactory service from the vendor. The offshore Sharepoint developer should possess certain minimum years of experience in the development platform. The developer should have project delivery experience satisfying to their clients. Since the world is following globalization rules, it is very easy to get an offshore service for your Sharepoint related issues. There are many organizations who are working with the experienced teams to provide you the intended services. You can get the offshore services at really competitive prices. Teams with experience in Java development can add very high value to your business. 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