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5 well-known brokerage Tuesday bullish 6 plates 40 shares (list) national investment adviser: Irving king contest peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the architectural decoration: devaluation is expected to start anew, to open up new International Engineering Bureau, recommended 12 shares of China’s contracting business outside the new contract of steady growth, market share the overall benefit from the expansion of "The Belt and Road" strategy to actively promote, in 2015 China the new contract amount of foreign contracted projects exceeded $200 billion, 2011-2015 annual new contract amount is 10.22% CAGR. 2015 overseas turnover of $154 billion 70 million, an increase of 8.2%. The 65 China finalists in the ENRTOP250 list of the enterprises business amounted to $89 billion 553 million, accounting for 250 of the world top 17.17% of revenue, 2.64% more than in 2014. China’s engineering contractor in the global economic slowdown and other adverse conditions, realize the reason mainly is the strong performance against the trend of the market and China’s traditional advantages to actively expand the contractor not previously entered the market. Overseas project contracting mode changed from EPC to PPP and the platform model, and the gradual integration of four major state-owned large contractors contract model: 1) construction general contracting mode, the depth of participation and completion of construction stage; 2) under general contracting mode, the contractor depth to participate in and complete the design and construction stage 3); investment driven mode, the depth of participation and completion of design, construction and operation stage, is a heavy asset mode; 4) general contracting mode is platform asset light and intelligence intensive, high margin. At present, the central enterprises is the contractor construction contracting and general contracting in the mainstream mode of overseas project, but gradually to PPP and general platform development model. While private enterprises grasp fewer resources, narrow the scope of business, financing capacity is weak, mainly central enterprises subcontracting, mergers and acquisitions of overseas companies and the establishment of overseas subsidiaries, focused on the mesh in housing and decoration etc.. Overseas market demand for infrastructure construction is broad, to 2025 demand exceeds 9 trillion per year, according to forecasts, by 2025 the annual global infrastructure investment needs of more than $9 trillion, CAGR is 5.75%. The world is divided into five regions for infrastructure investment demand forecast is expected in 2021 China’s contractor revenues will exceed $260 billion. According to the different stages of economic development to predict the future demand for infrastructure, China contractor in the main market infrastructure requirements types to meet the development of urbanization and industrialization as the goal, but also more experience in engineering field, with specific types of transportation facilities, energy facilities, manufacturing facilities and social service facilities. Our contractors overseas income accounted for a small, The Belt and Road will become an important breakthrough in 2015 in addition to the work of international, 11 domestic ENRTOP250 companies on the list of overseas revenue accounted for less than 25%, the total of 11 companies overseas business revenue accounted for only 9.33% of its total revenue. From the perspective of the Beh Finn Dahl index (HHI), the Middle East market theory相关的主题文章: