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Chinese football tickets sold out in 10 minutes for Zhang Yuning or national football club – Sports Sohu influence the day before yesterday at noon 12 points, world cup 12 finals in Syria VS team battle tickets at the official website of the Xi’an platform on sale. A day earlier, when the official micro-blog Chinese football team announced the game ticket information and prices, has caused the fans crazy Tucao, many people think that the fare than the previous national football match against Iran in Shenyang is more expensive, and the total disregard for the interests of the fans. However, billing tickets 10 minutes have been declared sold out. Reporter correspondent Zheng Qiao reported high fares by fans questioned a day earlier, Chinese Football Association and the Ford company held a press conference, announced the national football game price. Basic fares are divided into 6 grades, respectively, $180, $380, 480 yuan, $580, $680, 880 yuan, in addition to the coupon price of $1280 VIP. After the announcement, there will be representatives of the conference fans dissatisfaction. "Is the country enough to repay the fans with such a high price?" In this press conference on complaints. Fans have fans. According to the various grades of fare seat map, the lowest price of 180 yuan ticket seating area for at least two stands for the actual home fans only one stands around 2000 seats. And at the end of the court, the furthest off. 380 yuan is also the two stand. 480 yuan ticket stand the most widely, but many fans believe that the price is difficult to bear. So, the ticket price is really expensive? May wish to horizontal contrast. With the war in Syria during the same period, the South Korean team played against Qatar team, box ticket price of about 900 yuan, first-class seat price of about $300, two and other $three, $120, etc.. There are "red cheer seats" two grade is 120 yuan and 60 yuan. Elementary and high school students have 30 percent off discount ticket ticket, the audience K League 40 percent off. Last month, the South Korean team at home against the Chinese team, the price is slightly higher, the most expensive first-class seats about equal to 420 yuan. In addition, in October 11th, the Australian team against Japan, the highest price of about 620 yuan, a minimum of about $250. In the battle of Xi’an fare, more screenings common feature for the price gap is smaller, and the mid-range tickets. The tickets sold out within 10 minutes and the high fares questioned is opposite the Xi’an fans rising enthusiasm. According to local media in Xi’an is expected to have nearly 1 million people panic buying all 50 thousand tickets after invoice. The day before yesterday at noon a ticket agency website and online billing, all tickets sold out within 10 minutes. And the national football competition in Shenyang Olympic Sports Center on the same day, the local fans are not full. Of course, the ball city of Shaanxi has always been popular, from Shaanxi, Xi’an to the national strength? Ba and Shaanxi, multiple occupation team or renamed or run away. However, the enthusiasm of local fans consistent, so it was dubbed the northwest wolf title. Syria team in the national team in the 6 group A camp, is not a strong team. China should use the opportunity to get the home court, in the Syrian war "has become the key. If if.