42Dou Zecheng Hongkong first show that poor play Adrian order needs to be strengthened|Dou Zecheng Hongkong first show that poor play Adrian order needs to be strengthened9

Dou Zecheng Hongkong first show that poor play Adrian order needs to be strengthened (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing on November 4th news. China’s tour of the United States for the first time in history came to Hongkong, came to the Clear Water Bay country club, popular outside attention. On the one hand, players have the opportunity to experience the new stadium, on the one hand they have been tested by some new situations. On Thursday the first round, four time winner Dou Zecheng lose the first battle, played the season with the worst record above par 73 4 bar, 8 bar especially "No. 3 hole burst Double-Par, eye popping. This just hit six prefix in HSBC open bonus king how? After the game, the small sinus can not help but spit up the slot. "Playing the game for so long, never encountered such a professional situation." Dou Zecheng refers to in each hole before the game, the scene will have a lot of pictures of the staff, "there will be no professional camera in the play when the camera, I probably encountered three interference conditions, a lot of the camera when we waved empty bar still pictures." The number of people who experience watching HSBC open last week, Dou Zecheng could not help but contrast. "HSBC many people have not encountered such a case, there will be a lot of staff reminded here, feel a little." However, he said "why did not play well" is their kick-off is poor, "should still find many problems from myself," said Xiao dou. Dou Zecheng and black pure in addition to the scene in addition to interference factors, the vehicle from the hotel to the stadium shuttle players also have been in a tense state, appears to lack of shift. After the start and end of the game, there are a lot of players waiting outside the stadium vehicles, some players even waited for an hour to find a seat, and even the players appear to be almost missed the emergency condition of service time. The first match of the day Zecheng sinus mood is not pleasant, but he is looking forward to the next game, he was full of praise for Clear Water Bay stadium. "My feeling is no matter what the results, so the United States to make a pitch to play once, playing the poor do not care." As for tomorrow’s game, Dou Zecheng is very optimistic, she will have a good rest. "Tomorrow what battles, not the psychological pressure, there is a little advantage". Related reading: Notice (Li Xin) – Sina golf will live video China PGA Tour Hongkong Hongkong open the first round of the tournament Alexander Con leading Zhang Xinjun T4 T72 al Zecheng sinus: the results showed that after Li Haotong China tour match with Dou Zecheng Dou Zecheng for the first time to visit Hongkong Clear Water Bay target season bonus king Dou Zecheng new bag embroidered picture not sell adorable the value of the world rankings to Nawei tour card