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4 cm long stone was finally removed the "punch stone 4 cm long stone was finally removed in October 25th, Wang Qiang once again because of stones was admitted to the Sichuan lithiasis hospital, this time, his stone had grown to 4, with a total length of about 4 cm. Because once an open stone extraction surgery, formed a scar, not suitable for reoperation. But even the more advanced fiber optic lithotripsy, it is more difficult to find and remove the gravel in the complex internal structure of horseshoe kidney. "In the final assessment, we intend to use percutaneous nephrolithotomy, which is commonly understood as" stone drilling. "." Sichuan two hospital doctors urinary calculi Xu Zhuo said, from the kidney puncture to find stones, gravel removed, the risk of this type of surgery is not small, due to renal structural abnormalities, not easy to identify the puncture channel, once the injury to the arteries, it is easy to cause bleeding, endanger life. So it took 2 hours to operate normally, and it took 4 hours. "Avoid the scars of previous surgeries and avoid the arteries."." Xu Zhuo said, Wang Qiang was stone toss for 10 years, urgently want to completely clean stone. The high risk of relapse in abnormal structure, he also liked the Stewed Tofu with Spinach successfully complete removal of kidney stones, but the potential risk of recurrence cause kidney complex still can not be underestimated. To this end, the hospital made a component analysis of Wang Qiang stone, to determine its calcium oxalate and apatite mixed stone, and lists the restricted food report. Wang Qiang pointed to the list, most of the list is his favorite, such as spinach, tofu. "I’m not allowed to eat hotpot."." Wang Qiang is a bit helpless, I do a little business, friends are generally about love to eat Hot pot is exactly the place of work, a night market, almost a few blocks near their Hot pot eat a lot of food to eat the most love. The report listed in the hospital, in addition to diet rich in oxalic acid of amaranth, spinach, mango and other fruits and vegetables, tea, chocolate, nuts, and food restricted high salt and high protein food. "The doctor reminded him before, but he didn’t pay attention." Wang Qiang said, when they want to be young, when pain not the thought of the left kidney stones resection length of trouble, but now I know, or should pay more attention to eating habits, no longer capricious. Chengdu Business Daily reporter Yu Zunsu photographer Liu Haiyun

长4厘米的石头终于被完整取出   ◎“打孔取石”   长4厘米的石头终于被完整取出   10月25日,王强又一次因为结石住进了四川结石病医院,这一次,他的结石长到了4颗,总长约4厘米左右。因为做过一次开放式取石手术,形成了瘢痕,不适宜再次手术。但即便是更先进的纤维肾镜碎石取石,在马蹄肾复杂的内部结构中找到碎石并取出的难度也较大。   “最后评估,我们打算采用经皮肾镜碎石取石术,就是通常理解的‘打孔取石’。”四川结石医院泌尿二科医生许卓说,从肾脏上穿刺找到结石、碎石取出,这类手术的风险也不小,因肾结构异常,不容易找准穿刺通道,一旦伤到动脉血管,很容易引起大出血,危及生命。   为此,正常情况下只需要2个小时的手术,足足耗费了4个小时。“既要避开以前手术的瘢痕,又要躲开动脉血管。”许卓说,王强被结石折腾了10来年,迫切地想完整地取干净结石。   ◎复发风险高   除了结构异常 他还爱吃菠菜豆腐   虽然此次成功地完整取出了肾结石,但复杂的肾脏结构导致的潜在复发危险仍不容小觑。为此,医院对王强的结石做了成分分析,判断其为草酸钙和碳酸磷灰石混合结石,并列出了限食食品的报告单。王强指着单子,上面罗列的大部分都是自己爱吃的,例如菠菜、豆腐。   “还喊我不准吃火锅。”王强有点无奈,自己做点小生意,朋友往来一般都喜欢约上吃火锅,工作的地方正好又是一个夜市,自己几乎把附近几条街的火锅都吃了个遍,最喜欢大鱼大肉的吃法。在医院列出的报告单里,除了忌食富含草酸类的苋菜、菠菜、芒果等蔬菜水果,巧克力、茶叶、坚果等,还有限食高钠盐、高蛋白的食品。   “以前医生也提醒过,但是没注意。”王强说,年轻时自己想得简单,痛起来不得了的时候想过把总长结石的左肾切除了事,现在才知道,还是应该多注意饮食习惯,以后不能再任性了。   成都商报客户端记者 于遵素 摄影记者 刘海韵相关的主题文章: