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37GAMES PayPal won the best online global brand development award by the world’s leading payment platform PayPal held its fifth session of the Chinese cross-border electricity supplier conference held recently in Guangzhou, more than 500 large and small and medium-sized foreign trade business and industry guests gathered to discuss the future development trend of China cross-border trade, new opportunities and new PayPal global payment brought China foreign merchants, and hopes to jointly promote prosperity and development of cross-border electricity market Chinese. At the meeting, PayPal platform for its outstanding performance of the customer award. 37GAMES has a number of overseas market and PayPal maintain close contact with the depth of cooperation, as well as excellent overseas brand building and word-of-mouth, won the PayPal platform issued the "2016 best global brand development award". It is reported that the "Best Global Brand Development Award" in recognition of outstanding enterprises Chinese sea, set up the communication and cooperation between their overseas brand recognition, user reputation, business conditions and with foreign manufacturers awards based on. Together with 37GAMES to get the award, as well as the Shenzhen based e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd, OnePlus, Letv, China Southern Airlines, four outstanding Chinese business representatives. As the world’s ten largest international distribution platform, 37GAMES overseas distribution platform monthly water has more than 100 million. Total number of operations has more than 150 models, the total number of open service has more than 7000 services, the total number of users registered more than 65 million. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, North America, South America, Europe and other countries and regions set up distribution business, successful operation of "six dragons", "Yutian Dark Dawn", "Naruto", "(the rush in the new service attack cities and capture territories)", "new legend (grab in the new service)" excellent products etc.. As a gaming platform, 37GAMES always adhere to the fine business philosophy, and actively achieve product data analysis fine, players need to fine localization experience. In the overseas market, the user for their favorite game loyalty is quite high, but at the same time the service requirements are higher, the publisher’s service awareness can even directly affect the user stickiness. 37GAMES in the localization of the game adaptation, online and offline activities design, community construction, customer service and other aspects of its own system, and employ many overseas operations to form the localization team, set up overseas offices and branches, to better communicate with overseas customers. Establish close cooperation with overseas channels, but also laid the foundation for the consolidation and promotion of overseas brands such as 37GAMES, PayPal such a large online payment platform, 37GAMES overseas business development process is most closely linked to the partners, to maintain a good payment environment 37GAMES game platform, to provide effective protection and user account security. In recent years, the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier Chinese, import and export volume in 2016 China cross-border electricity supplier is expected to increase to 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan ($1 trillion and 20 billion), the annual growth rate reached 30%, accounting for China total import and export trade volume 20%. According to PayPal and research firm Ipsos jointly issued.相关的主题文章: