34 year old Selina said watching Alyssa Chia’s play grew up like this back to the other side – Sohu nibbuns

Selina said 34 year old Alyssa Chia drama grew up watching each other it back – Alyssa Chia, Selina entertainment Sohu, you come to me to talk very funny   Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, September 29th, Taiwan two Selina, the popular actress Alyssa Chia with a black and white dress both at advocacy activities, the 34 year old Selina said with a smile probably most of female artists are not love to hear the words, "I was watching her play up, like" dragon flight "," to the side of Alyssa Chia: "I better not resigned to playing second fiddle to the daughter is to listen to the S.H.E song grew up", laughter. In March this year and Zhang Chengzhong divorce, single Selina, broke the previous family trip to Italy, let the mother rush to put her to "sell", the old one told her to go out for a walk, manufacturing affair, Selina is back: "I still miss Asian cuisine", a Ren Ma proposal, but also loss: "don’t push me to the italians!" The mention of Alyssa Chia’s pretty popular daughter??, Selina said the last time they met, and?? results all people are rushing to her photo, completely ignoring Alyssa Chia, Alyssa Chia also added that now her codename is "Mom??", "self deprecating I have no name".   相关的主题文章: