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On the issue of self enrollment parents must know 30 questions many parents will ask such a question: my child can participate in self enrollment. In this regard, the relevant policies of self enrollment. Hope that parents and candidates can help. First, the independent enrollment policy Part 1, the concept of self enrollment independent enrollment from 2003, the full liberalization in 2015. 2016, a total of 90 of the country’s 985, 211 schools have since the recruit, since the recruit in the college entrance examination after the independence of the organization, to give outstanding performance in the examination of students drop admission and other concessions. Can be reduced to a line of admission (that is, the score to the local college entrance examination of a line to enter the University). 2, autonomous enrollment what is the use? Independent recruitment is the college entrance examination "insurance": when the students of the college entrance examination scores did not reach the entrance examination scores, you can use the independent recruitment policies, unplanned admissions into the university. Small example, for example, in 2016 the North University scores around 695. Some students failed in the college entrance examination exam 670 points, but he in the independent recruitment examination outstanding, get 30 points (drop points admission), points 700 points, higher than the university entrance examination scores, you can smoothly enter Peking University (scores, professional settings). 3, do not have any awards can not participate in self enrollment? There is no award can also participate in self enrollment. In 2016, university independent recruitment conditions while various awards are needed, but there are a small number of colleges and universities to recruit scores or comprehensive excellent candidates. Including Harbin University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, South China and other famous universities. 4, how to participate in self enrollment? Self enrollment for the university to open information, students voluntarily enroll in the whole process of open enrollment form. Several important nodes as follows: reminder in 2016 according to the schedule, the brochure was announced in early March, mostly released in mid March. Predict 2017 may be returning to normal, at the end of February or early March announced. 5, I can get a number of schools since the recruit points? Can. In the delivery of materials, access to the first instance qualification, to participate in the examination and other aspects, a student can also get a number of universities from the opportunity to recruit. A student can also apply to universities, and obtained a lot of trial by university qualifications, participated in a number of university exams, so a student may earn recruit extra points from multi university. But some colleges and universities will make it clear that the number of colleges and universities can not be completed at the same time. But in the final reporting volunteer, can only use one of the University points. 6, how to obtain independent enrollment qualification? According to 2016 since the situation, students learning achievement (especially 3 each time period, and a final exam mode) is good enough, won the provincial competition award that is most likely to get through the trial, independent recruitment qualification. 2016 college enrollment conditions are divided into 5 categories: 1, competition category.相关的主题文章: