30 on the southeast of Heilongjiang will have snow in most parts of the larger the wind-meyou

30, Heilongjiang will have snow in most areas of southeast wind large China weather station network in Heilongjiang news 30, most of the province to maintain Saturday fine weather, but also for the weekend trips to create favorable conditions, but to remind you that we will have to pay attention to cold snow Sunday. The reporter learned from the Heilongjiang provincial meteorological station: 29 to 30 during the day and night, affected by cold air, the temperature of Heilongjiang province decreased, southeastern snow showers are, in addition, large areas of the province of 30 day 4-5 of westerly winds, gusts of up to 6, the larger the wind, please pay attention to the prevention of. Is expected to start from 30 at night, with the warm air in our province, around the sunny weather, sunny to cloudy weather, the temperature rose. Specific forecasts are as follows: 30, during the day, most of the province has 4-5 partial westerly winds, gusts up to level 6, the wind is large, please pay attention to prevention. 30 to 31 at night during the day, Eastern Jiamusi, Eastern Shuangyashan, snow sunny, sunny and sometimes cloudy elsewhere. 31 at night to the 1 day: sunny and sometimes cloudy. 29 night minimum temperature: Northern Greater Khingan Range (22-24) – C, Xingan south of the Five Ridges (16-18) – C, northern Heihe, Yichun, northern Qigihar, Suihua – (12-14) – C, other regions (7-9) C. The 30 day: the highest temperature during the day in northern Greater Khingan Range (7-9) – C, Xingan Heihe, Yichun, south of the Five Ridges, northern Qigihar, northern Suihua (3-5) – C, Mudanjiang (2-4) C, other areas of about 0 DEG C.相关的主题文章: