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26 English letters, so write, at least more than 20 minutes! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual 26 letters written specification (1) should be in alphabetical order and position of the writing letters in three lattice should be accounted for. (2) each letter should be slightly tilted to the right, about 5°, the slope should be consistent. (3) capital letters should be as high as the top two, but not the first line. (4) the letters a, C, e, m, N, O, R, s, u, V, W, x, Z written in the middle of the square, on the good line, but not out of line. (5) lowercase letters B, D, h, K, l top of the top line, accounting for the top two grid. (6) the upper and lower ends of the lower case letters I and j are in the middle of the first grid, and the F and t’s second pens are close to the second line of the (t). (7) lower case letter F j p q y reach the lower end of the line of ~ (fourth). (8) the letters a, D, h, I, K, l, m, N, t and u, their pen is a small hook on the pick, not as sharp. (9) writing words, between letters and letters must be spaced evenly and properly, don’t get too tight, not too far away. (10) write a sentence, there must be a proper distance between words, to vacate a lowercase a width is appropriate. (11) punctuation should be written in a certain position. The order of letters letters according to a certain order of strokes in writing, the writing is as follows. Please pay attention to the difference between the format and size of the writing From the table, we can see that some letters is a complete, and some two or three pens completed. Are summarized as follows: (1) a complete letter: C G J L O capital: S V W Z a B C D E lowercase: G H K L M n o Q R S U V W Y Z (2): two complete letters: B D K M P capital Q R T U X Y f I j p t lowercase: X (3): three pen to complete the letter writing: A E F H I N case: no welcome attention to WeChat public account book collection "(ID:huibenjingxuan), every day to push the classic picture books, picture books, animation, parenting knowledge, English videos, parenting books wear ear a large number of free resources, concern reply" directory "which is available free of charge. Reply to "a" free access to creative art – painting with a total of 92 sets of 12DVD reply "Liao Caixing", the English free access to 100 + Video + Audio ebook reply "pink pig", free access to English ears cartoon Peppa pig wear pink pig 1-4 season 209 sets (with calligraphy and painting相关的主题文章: