22 degrees north latitude of Xishuangbanna Yue Jing Zhuang Hua Tang gorgeous – Sohu-kamikaze love

North 22° Xishuangbanna Yue Jing Zhuang Hua Tang gorgeous – Sohu in September 28, 2016, Xishuangbanna Yue Jing Zhuang flower Hall official in this film is full of Dai style and rainforest climate warm the gorgeous bloom. Here is some more than "poetry and distance", singing and laughing, warm clear, this is the hall between the flower Dai tour, which belongs to the Xishuangbanna life among the flowers.     Xishuangbanna city dream sitting on the beauty and greenery of Xishuangbanna beautiful and rich, mysterious, like a shining emerald mosaic in the north frontier of 22°. To the flower of the hall is a green Xishuangbanna Jinghong city gasatownship, in the paddy fields, green valley and staggered, the land is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with the beauty of the city green and natural ecology, hillside ups and downs was Qin green vegetation cover intact, the formation of Green Valley texture, this is a film is not yet to be found in the land of idyllic beauty. Here the river even six, annual temperature, exotic strong people feel like being home, Dai people laughing and the green mountain to set off, people don’t miss the city hustle and bustle, because here is the yearning heart resting place.   integration of natural ecology, creating an ecological paradise now, flowers hall to real peace with "wake up development", ultra low density construction to each of the 16 acres of rainforest support 1 Dai village villa, the maximum vestibular backyard in mountain view, avoid the heat, "inherited. Wet dry column original Dai style, the selection of superior wood raw materials, building materials and the unique local cultural elements, symbols, native plants, the slope roof of the Dai pure wind, to create rich cultural customs into natural ecological paradise.   Xishuangbanna Yue Jing Zhuang flowers hall with corresponding mountain ups and design, is expected to look green mountain landscape, each building has good lighting and ventilation, forthcoming separation, focused on privacy, which seems to turn into the rain forest in the spirit of self feeling in the original natural style swimming. A step king, architecture and forest environment embracing public space to myth to the legendary ancestors of elephants "Dai" lucky bird "the peacock", "red deer" consonance pathfinders totem, preaching and land to the travelers in the design of the story.   sun, plants, and flowers hall belongs to the humanities delicacy Daijia life with "Five" as the six tree flower room design inspiration, this is planted all the plants in the Dai village, bright colors on behalf of the Dai People’s hospitality, elegant and comfortable space symbolizes noble mysterious Shu Zhai, delicate and flat the culture. The sun garden popular hidden chamber, excellent Dai village villa: villa homes, Dai sun rainforest villa, four bedroom villa double flower, suitable for family and friends gather. Outdoor infinity pool and pool bar to express the pressure, afternoon tea and juice; suitable for a family with any natural forest amusement park, the original ecological agriculture base, can grow trees, entertaining, and rainforest symbiosis; and for personal meditation.相关的主题文章: