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21 year old guy drowned to save the family at the good news – apply Samaritan Beijing Beijing in September 20 Zhengzhou Xinhua (reporter door jiedan) Henan 21 year old guy Pei Jiapeng to rescue the drowning drowned more than and 20 days, the family grief, but also for the identification of Jia Peng move that helpless to save. In September 20th, the reporter was informed that the family has been formally submitted to the local public security department for application materials, "Jia Peng is not here, want to leave a good name, let people get reward, encourage social distress mutual confidence." It is understood that the 21 year old Pei Jiapeng is the Henan Wuzhi County Township two Pu Jia Ying Guan Ying village. The afternoon of August 27th, he and two companions in Zhengzhou taohuayu bridge in the Yellow River under the waters of the shore fishing, to see someone drowning, Pei Jiapeng to the shallow water rescue, did not expect not only rescued drowning, he pulled into the water drowning. At that time, Jia Peng took off his clothes and trousers, he jumped into the river to save people." A companion recalled the incident, said Jia Peng pulled the drowning man’s hand, want to pull him out, but due to the excessive weight of the drowning man, not only did not pull it out, but was dragged into the water drowning man. "See the situation wrong, they quickly use the rod to Lajia Peng, Jia Peng also caught fishing, but fishing rod broken, nor Jiapeng rescued." Jia Peng’s sister Wang told reporters that the two companions witnessed the scene of the danger, rescue failed, they quickly call. And other families in the past, but also can not find good peng. Until the second day in the evening, Peng Peng’s body was the Zhengzhou water rescue team rescue ashore. After a lapse of several days, the time for rescue Jia Peng case, Zhengzhou city volunteer water rescue team captain Niu Zhenxi is still very clear. At that time received 110 police for help, including nearby people call for help, saying that the child was saved because the water was pulled into the water, so he quickly led the team to the scene search and rescue." Niu Zhenxi said: to the scene to understand the basic situation, the nearby people also said that a big fat man pulled the child into the water." As the only son Jia Peng suddenly gone, the family grieved, but make them more difficult to accept is that till the funeral, Jia Peng was water rescue the drowning man’s family did not appear. "They didn’t say anything. They didn’t visit the house." Carbing choked and said, many villagers and Pei clan came to visit condolences, but so far have not seen each other’s family appearance. It is understood that, Jia Peng water rescue drowning man is the same village, the drowning man’s brother Zhang Nan also witnessed the scene at that time, a number of media reporters in an interview, but with a different view. Zhang Nan said that he was always concerned about his brother, did not pay attention to other people, but also know Jia Peng into the water to his brother’s side, but did not come into contact with his brother. No matter in Jia Peng to not to brother here, he rushed to the side of the behavior, family think he is courageous. Although the rescue scene said otherwise, but the drowning man’s family said the family was still willing to cooperate with the good Samaritan that peng. Jia Min told reporters recently相关的主题文章: