2020 970 thousand agricultural transfer population settled in Ji’nan City-tataufo

In 2020 970 thousand the transfer of agricultural population in towns of Ji’nan city settled into the city from rural employment of migrant workers is a huge group, they have a strong "city of dreams", "the city is facing difficult embarrassment. 12 days before the launch of the new deal in Shandong urged the "three people", once the "city moat" is expected to become "city thoroughfare" — for 10 years of living in Ji’nan and Ji’nan with Sir, although he is the cavity used to the life here already, but he still can not change the "agricultural hukou" identity. Over the years, the old war has experienced a series of issues related to social security, affordable housing, children’s enrollment, for the citizens of the treatment is very urgent desire. Recently, Shandong Province issued 12 new urged "three people", give protection from the financial, housing, education, health, employment and other aspects, in order to eliminate the farmers settled in the city’s efforts to an unprecedented large menace from the rear. This new deal will bring to the old city, like the impact of migrant workers? What are the benefits of the city’s "citizen"? Our reporter for your visit. Housing, social security, children’s education is the "three line" old war from other provinces in Ji’nan, and his wife a small business. These years in order to buy a small house in the suburbs, he did not have much money left. The rural household he is "zero risk, zero gold" in the future, he felt like "a sense of security". 2015, China’s resident population urbanization rate of 56.10%, household urbanization rate of 39.9%. According to the national new urbanization plan 2014 – 2020, the goal proposed by 2020, the resident population urbanization rate reached about 60%, household population urbanization rate reached about 45%. However, there is still a gap between reality and goals. Out of the countryside, into the city, many migrant workers yearning for life. However, although has been in Ji’nan for more than 10 years, but it is not easy to stay in Ji’nan. According to the questionnaire, the high cost of city life, urban and rural household is not very different, do not want to give up the right of land contract, and rural land has great potential value are the four main factors of migrant workers to settle the town. Liu Yuanchun, executive director of the national development and Research Institute of Renmin University of China, believes that migrant workers is not a concept of household registration, far beyond the concept of household registration. In this regard, is preparing to marry the little girl Jiaodong ginger deep experience. In order to Ji’nan hukou, also for the children of their future to the nearest school, she wanted to buy a large enough in the qualifications "school room", "area of at least 90 square meters, also have to consider the position in the school district, this single house Shoufu very substantial". In fact, many migrant workers Suiqian children in the school have encountered stumbling. The investigation showed that the cause of this situation is mainly concentrated in several aspects, including, admission restrictions; admission formalities; transfer is difficult, not easy to find willing to receive school etc.. Housing, children’s education has become the main threshold for the citizenization of migrant workers. In addition, the social security is a major obstacle, migrant workers "five social insurance and one housing fund".相关的主题文章: