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2016 tent meeting yesterday in Nanjing Jiangsu Park fish mouth China news network September 25th by the Municipal Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, the municipal Taiwan Affairs Office, Nanjing newspaper media group hosted the "love in the Nanjing International Youth Exchange, and the 2016 tent conference in September 24th, opened in the fish mouth wetland park. In order to create the first "World University Sports Day" and the thirty-fifth "international peace" rich atmosphere, so that more young Chinese and foreign friends, Nanjing residents and tourists to experience the ancient capital of Nanjing culture and modern Nanjing youth, for this special plan to hold a large outdoor sports culture carnival. In Nanjing foreign students will show their local dance features also together China opera and folk dance interpretation; into the exotic culture house, students from Rwanda and Vietnam on five continents set up booths, each booth is the style of a country; the site also hosted the intangible cultural heritage exhibition, paper-cut, diabolo, Tai Chi, Qinhuai lantern, gourd painting, dough, let you know Chinese traditional intangible cultural heritage; and closer to the folk art of a civilian art stage, creative market, China elements of DIY will also be full of bright, rendering the scene of Peking Opera and traditional fan etc.. This tent meeting, especially in Nanjing and the Qinhuai River car driving Camping Park for cooperation, many brands of vehicles entered the tent camping conference site, with the majority of campers close contact, let buddies in the field will be able to feel the car brings people convenience and fun camping leisure.

2016帐篷大会昨在南京鱼嘴公园举行中国江苏网9月25日讯 由市对外文化交流协会、市委外宣办、市台办、南京报业传媒集团等主办的“爱在南京国际青年交流日暨2016帐篷大会”,于9月24日在鱼嘴湿地公园拉开帷幕。 为营造首个“世界大学体育日”和第35个“国际和平日”的浓郁氛围,让更多中外青年朋友、南京市民和外地游客亲身体验古都金陵的文化底蕴及现代南京的青春活力,为此特别策划举办一场大型户外体育文化嘉年华活动。在宁外籍留学生将表演本国本地区特色歌舞,同时还和大家一起演绎中国戏曲暨民族歌舞;走进异域风情文化屋,来自卢旺达、越南等五大洲的留学生搭建的摊位,每一个摊位就是一个国家的风情;现场还举办了非遗文化展,剪纸、空竹、太极、秦淮灯彩、葫芦画、捏面人,让你了解中国传统非遗文化;还有更接近民间艺术的一个平民艺术舞台——创意集市,中国元素的DIY也将悉数亮相,现场绘制京剧脸谱和传统团扇等。 今年帐篷大会,还特别与南京秦淮河房车自驾游露营公园进行了合作,众多品牌露营车辆开进帐篷大会现场,与广大露营者亲密接触,让小伙伴们在现场就能感受到房车带给人们休闲便捷与露营的乐趣。相关的主题文章: