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The 2016 Foshan open the most promising European Challenge Tour – Sports Sohu (September 22nd, Foshan) on October 20th -23, the European Golf Challenge is one of the most anticipated annual drama tour, 2016 Foshan open will be played in the grand Foshan golf. The international golf tournament that brought together more than and 20 different countries and areas of outstanding players, will undoubtedly once again in the autumn of October in Southern China for the fans to bring a fantastic event, let people enjoy the beauty of sports. International players: battle will start   from the inaugural event, the Foshan open is always the European Challenge Tour "ultimate contest" of the important station is one of the few tour races match the highest total prize money. In accordance with the tour’s policy, the top 15 players will be able to obtain the next year’s top prize in the European tour card. At the end of each year, the most critical for several tour races, including the Foshan open. As a result, the Foshan open is often the final race for the tour players.   in the Foshan open, we see those in the tour order of merit bubble line players through success and dramatically improve their ranking, eventually locked the next season’s European tour card. For example, the first Foshan Open champion Nacho Elvira and second tournament champion Jason Palmer is so. Before coming to Foshan, the Spanish player Elvira in the tour order of merit ranking is only fiftieth. And through this classic victory, he won a $56 thousand prize, will enhance their ranking to the top 15, and finally get the 2014 European tour card. Since then, he has been active in the European tour. 2014 Foshan Open victory is the England player Jason • challenge in the first round of the victory of the tour, the victory also allows him to get the European tour in the year of 2015, the card in the game of the. The former champion’s success shows that the Foshan open is indeed the European Challenge Tour on the back of the war, are of great significance. Moreover, from the beginning of 2015, the total prize money of Foshan open from the previous $350 thousand to $500 thousand, a $80 thousand prize winner, which adds to the Foshan open in the tour players weight. Foshan Open champion cup Guangdong cup enough to impress those who have lofty dreams of the players. In this year’s Foshan open, these international players will once again in the Foshan Golf Club launched a wonderful confrontation. Chinese legion, October sprint   as one of China’s most competitive international golf tournament, the Foshan open is increasingly becoming an important stage for the growth of Chinese players. In recent years, the growth of Chinese players is very rapid, a lot of new generation of players in international competitions to get eye-catching results, to win the attention of the international community. This year’s Foshan open, one of the biggest suspense is: Chinese players can win the Foshan open for the first time? At the same time, the best Chinese player award attribution is particularly desirable. In the 2015 Foshan open, clinch"!相关的主题文章: