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200 pounds of fat and female male courtship scam for voice "like Lin Chiling" – Sohu news just to hear her voice, will think of her beauty, so give her money unable to resist sustain the blows. Recently, Qixia police station received more than Sheshan male police said, was a woman cheated money pulled black. After investigation, the police arrested the woman involved Li Yao, she was arrested on suspicion of theft and fraud. Since November, more than Sheshan police station received a man police said was a woman named Li Yao in the form of online dating cheat money. Zhang said the victim, Li Yao is active in addition to his friends in WeChat, mostly in the chat with voice chat, her voice is very attractive, she said he did not have a boyfriend. She claimed to run away from home no money, Mr. Zhang is muddleheaded to her 500 yuan. After a period of time to contact, they determine the love relationship in WeChat, although not met, but before and after Zhang gave her a total of more than 6500 yuan, until recently found himself pulled black. The injured man Shimou said: "Li Yao and I want to talk about love, usually in WeChat are commensurate with the wife of her husband, the first time I heard her voice like Lin Chiling’s voice, a few days later, she said in Wuhan to buy clothes, I have two points transfers gave her 900 yuan, then I it was black." According to the clues provided by the police, the suspect will be arrested by the investigation Li Yao. When the police saw Li Yao very surprised, and the victim with her WeChat head difference is very big, belongs to the fat body, weighing about 200 pounds, but her signature is very high cold: "far away from me, doesn’t want to hurt your temper." Li Yao said, this year she through chat tools such as WeChat and QQ to know all kinds of men, and offered to talk with friends and each other, quickly determine the relationship, in love, the man often spoiled to care for her, a few kind words immediately to money. Have a birthday gift, buy clothes and other implied money. Two months time cheated more than ten thousand yuan. She often succeed is mellow voice, without exception, the victim said, is because I heard her voice, to think of her beauty, her voice was "captured". In addition, an unmarried man Kwak and had met her, took her home, she took the opportunity to steal the Guo mother 3000 yuan. Currently, Li Yao was arrested on suspicion of theft, fraud. (the text is a pseudonym)相关的主题文章: