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20 year old girl would like to pass a one night stand to do the child results…… The 20 year old Sichuan girl and her boyfriend Jun, originally living in Hangzhou, has just recently broke up. However, she did not expect that, just broke up not long after, she found that she had two months pregnant. How to do it? Young Jun huangshen. However, she quickly thought of a trick – through a one night stand to do the child. The afternoon of October 14th, she through mobile phone dating software to find nearby people, a screening, a portrait of handsome young man attracted the attention of Jun. A man named Hao son, soon passed Jun friend requests, both in the course of contacts, chat very speculative, and soon about to meet. More than nine in the evening, the two men came to the hotel room. The Hao son although only about seven meters, but looks quite handsome. Although Jun and general appearance, but good temperament. Two people to see the eye, you could walk into the room together. Much, a little early morning of the second day after the child suddenly woke out, Hao Jun, said his mobile phone is out of order, to borrow her apple 6S phone. Jun didn’t think, handed over mobile phone. Not expected, Hao borrowed a mobile phone, while on the phone, while to go outside. See Hao Jun for a long time, do not come back, got a look behind a door, the corridor was empty, Hao Zi did not see figure. "Bad! Met a liar!" Jun angry, immediately reported to the police. Jun think in waiting for the police investigation, at the same time, when paid, Hao son may see her Alipay password. You don’t worry, she find a cafe, landed Alipay’s own account, a look, really is, the balance of less than 3000 yuan. Then, Jun and went to the police station. Children don’t "do" anti cheated mobile phone Jun after the alarm, Binjiang police launched an immediate investigation, looking for traces of Hao son. "Now this software is real name authentication, so we found a check." For the case of Lee police said, information display, Hao son at the moment in Dongguan. When the police found a bank in Dongguan is taking money Dehao midnight, the other a face of panic. Originally, Hao in Dongguan is selling mobile phone, just from Dongguan to Hangzhou, travel while also thinking of seeking a job, look at the development in Hangzhou. Did not expect that the work has not been found, the money in the hands of the. So he thought about going back to Dongguan. As it happened, before he goes home one day, 100 not chat he played with mobile phone, suddenly pop up a "friend requests". He looked pretty pretty girl, it is not as happy as happy to go back. Later, he saw Jun with the apple 6S, thinking of reselling, estimated to have a three thousand yuan, then began to move crooked brains. Then, he went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Because the day before in the hotel room to pay Jun time-consuming, aiming to the other side of the payment password, so he was moving from the crooked brains, open the mobile phone Alipay Jun, to the noodle shop owner cash 3000 yuan. Currently the case is under further investigation. Police warned that the recent use of mobile phone software.相关的主题文章: