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2 years ago Fan Bingbing TV sold 95 case set now to 8 million mu Xuan Lu Xiangyong who pay the white box office market this year, despite the overall weakness, but the TV rights still Buchoumai, especially television jorum shot. Fan Bingbing starred in a drama two days to sell the price: 480 million yuan, a single set of $8 million! Win the world, the right to spread the network to sell 480 million at noon yesterday, the film and television (300426.SZ) announced that it signed a major agreement with Tmall technology. Tmall technology to 480 million yuan won the German film and television drama to win the world, the right to broadcast information network. Public data shows, "win the world" by Tak television as executive producers invest filming of the costume drama, spend $500 million to build the high Yijun director, starring Fan Bingbing. The creative team is almost "legend" of the same people later.     Douban network data show that Fan Bingbing in the new interpretation of Qin Ba’s legendary woman. Fan Bingbing has always been such a "ambitious" corner pornography. According to historical records, Ba, Ba Ba County for name, meaning, surname not test, then Israel is a surname, also called BA qing. Chinese’s first female entrepreneur, widowed early for his money, more than $eight in silver legend Yiwanliang and gold five million eight hundred thousand and two; she is Qin Shihuang’s "elder sister", was a huge repair the Great Wall, to provide a large number of mercury for Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. Old age was taken into the palace, called "lucretia". History experts speculated that she may have a private armed forces of thousands of people, without Qin Shihuang’s punishment but was commended. Agreement provides that win the world, a single set of 8 million yuan, with a tentative set of the total cost of the calculation of the total number of 60 yuan, 480 million yuan. The final set of licenses issued tens of load or the number of TV broadcast episodes, whichever is smaller. If the final set of more than 10 sets of more than the number of sets, then the final set of the maximum number of settlement in accordance with the 70 set. Tmall technology is most needed to win the world to pay the price is 560 million yuan. What is the concept of 480 million yuan for the German film and television? It is the main income of nearly 90% yuan last year, the German film and television revenues of nearly $537 million. Yesterday afternoon, Tak television opened quickly pulled up to the daily limit to close, closing price of 30.55 yuan. This is only the price of the right to network transmission, but also does not include the purchase price of tv. Music is the media research director Peng Kanxiang information after each film (micro signal: meijingyingshi) reporter said: if plus the price to sell TV, "win the world" a final estimate is down to 13 million. Compared to know how high the price of TV drama. 2014 to sell "legend" Wu Mei Niang, LETV exclusive network copyright contract total amount of 78 million yuan, according to the calculation of the right to network dissemination of each set price is only 950 thousand. Video site audience pay according to burn, Tak television and Tmall technology agreement, authorized broadcast network platform, day Cat technology and cooperation company operating platform (including but not limited to tmall, Youku, Youku, soku, Tudou, Tudou) and its own operations or sub domain, and its installation in;相关的主题文章: