2 year old children playing mobile phone a day to help mother grab thousands of red packets (Figure) ca1805

The 2 year old children playing mobile phone to help my mother to grab one thousand yuan red day (Figure) – Sohu for news should let children use mobile phone, iPad and other electronic devices, there has been a controversy, but a bit of all that is, children in these areas often better than adults. Recently, a 2 year old child made an amazing move with his mother’s cellphone, and one day, he helped his mother grab thousands of red envelopes. What’s the matter? Recently, Ms. Lee was connected with several classmates, colleagues of the WeChat group in ridicule to grab the red envelope "good luck", which is rarely in the group to grab the red envelope she felt a little strange. A small amount of WeChat change, I did not expect inside more than more than 1000 dollars, although it is a surprise, but also gave her a fright. "I’ve heard a lot of telecommunications fraud before, and it’s all up to the end of the year. Is it that I’m being stared at by high tech cheaters?"" When Ms. Lee doubts, the money in the small change is still rising, although there is no law, but he didn’t do anything to money, let more and more feel guilty. "Won’t be stolen?" "Wouldn’t it be criminals who use my micro signals in money laundering?"" All kinds of speculation in all sorts of strange things in her mind. In order to find the reason of change yourself up, Ms. Lee hastened to call the computer’s cousin, let him help find out why mobile phone suddenly becomes "cornucopia". My cousin just began to also feel strange, for a long time study, found that Lee opened a Baidu mobile phone mobile phone back in the WeChat browser grab red plug-in function, as long as the mobile phone did not shut down, it will help the mobile phone users to grab WeChat group in the red, one will not fall, plus near red envelopes new year group, so Lee harvest is particularly up. But who opened it? Ms. Lee said she just used to watch news, novels or video when using Baidu mobile browser, like this function never know, not to open the initiative. The cousin reminded, Lee found himself just over 2 years old daughter is their own mobile phone users, mobile phone when she often put toys to the children, the child is inadvertently open this function, then let Lee became a terrible man to grab the red circle of friends. After this incident, Ms. Li felt that she would let her children know more about Internet knowledge and software. Our adults have missed the golden time of learning new technology, so we can not let the children lag behind in the ever-changing technology. Ms. Li plans to wait for the Spring Festival, and then take out some money, plus the red money to buy a iPad for children, positive guidance for children to contact and learn the internet. (Wang He)

2岁幼儿玩手机一天帮妈妈抢千元红包(图)-搜狐新闻   对于应不应该让孩子使用手机、ipad等电子设备,一直存在着争议,但所有人都承认的一点是,孩子在这些方面的天赋往往比成年人更优秀。近日,一位2岁幼儿就使用妈妈手机做出惊人之举,一天帮妈妈抢了上千元红包,这究竟是怎么回事?   近日,李女士连着被几个同学、同事的微信群里调侃抢红包的“手气好”,这让平时很少在群里抢红包的她觉得有些奇怪。一查微信零钱,没想到里面竟然多了一千多块钱,虽说是个惊喜,但也把她吓了一跳。   “以前就听说过不少电信诈骗什么的,这都到年底了,难道自己也被什么高技术骗子盯上了?”就在李女士疑惑的时候,微信零钱里的钱还在不断上涨,虽然没什么规律,但自己什么都没做就来钱,让她越来越觉得心虚。“不会是被盗号了吧?”、“不会是有犯罪分子利用我的微信号在洗钱吧?”各种千奇百怪的猜测出现在她脑海里。   为了查到零钱自己涨的原因,李女士赶紧打电话给学计算机的表弟,让他帮忙找出手机突然变“聚宝盆”的原因。表弟刚开始也觉得奇怪,研究了半天,才发现李女士手机后台里开启了百度手机浏览器抢微信红包的插件功能,手机只要没关机,它就会自动帮助该手机用户抢微信群里的红包,一个都不会落下,再加上临近过年群里发红包的人多,所以李女士的收获也就格外多了起来。   可这是谁开启的呢?李女士表示自己只是平时看新闻、小说或者视频时才会使用一下百度手机浏览器,像这样的功能自己从来都不知道,更别说主动打开了。在表弟的提醒下,李女士才发现自己刚满2周岁的女儿也是自己手机的使用者,她常常把手机给孩子当玩具玩,正是孩子无意间打开了这个功能,便让李女士成了朋友圈里抢红包特别厉害的人。   经过这件事,李女士觉得自己以后也要让孩子多接触互联网的知识和软件,我们大人已经错过学习新科技的黄金期,所以不能让孩子在日新月异的科技中落伍。李女士计划等过了春节,再拿出来些钱,加上这笔红包钱给孩子买一个ipad,正面引导孩子接触和学习互联网。(王和)相关的主题文章: