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2 hours of Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection in high-end hotel raid 3 car check suspected Gongjusiyong newspaper news (reporter Li Fenghu Yin Haitao for superb) to thoroughly implement the spirit of the central eight provisions, the evening of October 28th, organize relevant departments of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the examine and unannounced visits activities launched in Zhengzhou city. 7 o’clock that night, the reporter followed all the way to the Jinshui road inspection team. In the Henan hotel to Zijingshan Hotel along several upscale hotel and parking lot, check the invoice, check the group transfer record license plate number. "Tonight’s check is still a ‘harvest’." The inspection team relevant responsible person said, in two hours, found 3 car suspected Gongjusiyong, also found that since October a total of 7 pen suspected public consumption records. Several other road inspection group respectively in the Central Plains Road Songshan Road, near the the Yellow River Yingbin Hotel near some upscale hotel to meditate and unannounced visits, were found clues and suspected Gongjusiyong recently suspected public consumption records. Provincial Discipline Construction of government supervision, the relevant responsible person said, the next step will be as soon as possible, one by one to verify these clues. The person in charge, the event begins today, will continue until early November. Focus on examination of public funds, Gongjusiyong, private parties, illegal accepted dinner, afternoon drinking, public funds to participate in the high consumption of recreational activities, access to private clubs and hidden places illegal behavior such as eating and drinking. The provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection will not timed, not fixed, to examine or unannounced visits and other ways to check.相关的主题文章: