2.5L new engine for the replacement of the new Buick GL8 report exposure-antik

Take the 2.5L engine for the new Buick GL8 declare figure exposure recently from the State Ministry we get a group of new Buick GL8 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) model spy. Cash Buick GL8 models to build on the car, rather than the new GL8 will be listed in November 5th. In addition to the flying wing family face Buick brand new car, the biggest change is the replacement of a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine. We expect that the future car will achieve sales with the new Buick GL8. Appearance, the new Buick GL8 mainly for the front part of the shape of the adjustment. The new grille with a Buick brand new "wing" family style front design, and chrome bar shaped grille is changed to the original black spray. At the same time, a new front bumper lower air intake has also been redesigned, more fashionable than the current model. The rear part of the car compared to cash models did not change. In size, the new external dimensions of 52561878 1776mm, of which only the length and height than the current model has fine adjustment, while the wheelbase remains the current model 3088mm. This vehicle is a low allocation models, the new car is expected with models will be equipped with double sunroof, chrome door handles, door lower chrome trim and rear privacy glass etc.. Power, the new GL8 with a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum output power of 193 horsepower, compared to the current 2.4L models improved 7 horsepower. Transmission system is expected to follow the 6 speed manual gearbox.相关的主题文章: