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2 – 12 years old children must read books recommended – Sohu maternal excellent picture book, is like a bright pearl, and a spiritual world of children. The fresh and interesting pictures and vivid language, a touching story, showing the passions, the truth for the baby love, joy and fun annoyed all the world, to cultivate children’s interest in reading, to improve the expression ability and the ability to understand and promote the development of children’s emotional intelligence and social skills and imagination. Kai TERT according to his many years of reading experience, carefully selected children’s books, DEDECATES recommended for children aged 2-12 reading list, from the parent-child relationship, love and grow to poetry and creative everything. The 12 year old "dinosaur poop recommended Bibliography Series suite" (3 volumes) "magic brush paint box" "big monster party" baby "visual found picture" (15 volumes) "picture book" Miffy series "0-4 years old children’s cognitive encyclopedia" (3 volumes) "Du Laibai book" (suit, creative toys 5) 2 years old baby reading, focus on training children hand eye coordination, observe the cognitive ability, the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style. "Baby" picture book covers all aspects of children’s life, eating, sleeping, bathing and brushing clothes…… There is a love story and cognitive skills of the perfect integration, the growth of knowledge while developing the child’s intellectual potential. "Du Lai amazing creative toy book" is to read the toy, can play the game through the book, reading interest cultivate children’s creative ability, learning ability, development ability of intimacy. "Dinosaur" is the poo series set a model for the cultivation of imagination, gifts from Santa, a voracious dinosaurs, ate the Christmas tree, fairy lights, Santa Claus and wayfinding, master Danny so sad, greedy heart feel good inside the dinosaur poop poop by remorse, so, again pull back to christmas! Seven sets of picture books are brilliant, through a simple juvenile different interesting and colorful lovely world, stimulate their potential. 23 – 6 years old is not the same as the recommended bibliography "Carmela" (12 volumes) "for children’s poetry" "Madelyn series" (6 volumes) "Wukong,! "The moon", "how are you" dear little fish "" Princess "Mao Cha" digging booger pill "" little brother "to the" world’s largest "cake" for Dad "ice cream" 3 "moon boat to 6 year old picture book reading, starting from the child’s curiosity, especially on the cultivation of perception, cognition, children and creativity from the understanding of their own, to understand their relationship with life and environment, a correct understanding of their relationship with the world, is an important foundation for the development of Eq. "Not the same" tells the story of Carmela Carmela and the children of the hen adventure stories, each of them are so out of the ordinary, full of imagination, their daring, dare to try others dare not think things through a fun adventure!相关的主题文章: