18 projects under construction in Guangxi are suspected of being affiliated and supervised by illega-8l9840

Guangxi construction projects in 18 suspected illegal subcontracting and link it is to supervise the handling of Nanning evening news (reporter Han Pei) yesterday, the Regional Housing Department informed the first half of the construction market and construction engineering quality safety supervision and inspection level of 2016. 18 items suspected of "three packs on" behavior, suspected undocumented construction, refused to rectification behavior, supervise the handling. This checked the 14 districts as well as under the jurisdiction of 18 counties (cities, districts), a random sample of 92 construction projects, issued a total shutdown of 52 proposals, the rectification of 40 proposals. At the same time, a random sample of 80 project bidding agency, issued a total of 31 copies of the rectification bidding proposal. Briefing pointed out that the main problems of quality and safety around the construction market and construction projects are undocumented construction according to the contract, payment for the project, allegedly affiliated, does not have the tender conditions and the implementation of the tender. Among them, undocumented construction phenomenon is still outstanding, 92 engineering subjects, there are 6 projects in the examination has not obtained construction permits. According to relevant regulations, for without obtaining the construction permit unauthorized construction, the construction unit project contract price more than 1% below 2% penalties. But many state-owned investment projects of the construction unit to performance appraisal, use of funds and other various reasons, take the lead in without obtaining the construction permit under construction, such as the Shanglin county middle school teaching building, Wuzhou City Po Town Center Longwei district hospitals public rental housing. Payment of the project is seriously lagging behind, to bring great pressure to pay the wages of migrant workers, especially in the real estate projects. In addition, some projects failed to provide the project Department of key management personnel, labor contracts, social insurance and payroll records documents for review, on suspicion of affiliation. Not with the tender conditions and the implementation of the bidding problem. In the housing project, such as Jing Debao County National Middle School campus building, Guangxi Youjiang National Commercial School of public rental housing projects, no proof of land use, construction land planning permits, construction project planning and construction plan review in the construction project planning permit before handling etc.. According to reports, the existence of inspection project, the inspection teams have been instructed the local housing and urban construction departments issued a written instrument of law enforcement, responsible unit for the implementation of the rectification requirements. The alleged "three packs on" behavior, suspected undocumented construction, refused to rectification in Ningming County town of West (David Metro) project area 4# building, Hengxian Xiaoyi town third junior middle school student dormitory, Wuzhou Fuda garden B1#, B2# building 18 projects to supervise the handling. During the inspection, a total of 27 medical personnel were not in place to perform their duties, leading to the construction site management confusion, there are more quality security risks, to be the named reprimand, ordered rectification and suspend the qualification for 90 days in Guangxi.

广西18个在建项目涉嫌挂靠和违法分包 被挂牌督办   南宁晚报讯(记者 韩沛)昨日,自治区住建厅通报了2016年下半年全区建筑市场暨建筑工程质量安全层级监督检查情况。18个项目涉嫌存在“三包一靠”行为、涉嫌无证施工、拒不整改等行为,被挂牌督办。   本次共检查了14个设区市以及所辖的18个县(市、区),随机抽查了92个在建项目,共发出停工整改建议书52份、隐患整改建议书40份。同时,随机抽查了80个招标代理项目,共发出招投标整改建议书31份。   通报指出,各地建筑市场及建筑工程质量安全存在的主要问题有无证施工、不按合同约定拨付工程款、涉嫌挂靠、不具备招标条件而实施招标等。   其中,无证施工现象仍然突出,受检的92个工程中,有6个工程在检查时仍未取得施工许可证。根据相关规定,对于未取得施工许可证擅自施工的,可对建设单位处工程合同价款1%以上2%以下的处罚。但是很多国有投资项目的建设单位以绩效考核、资金使用等各种各样的理由,带头在未取得施工许可证的情况下开工建设,如上林县城关中学教学楼、梧州市龙圩区大坡镇中心卫生院公共租赁住房。   工程款支付严重滞后,给农民工工资支付带来极大压力,在房地产项目上特别突出。另外,一些项目未能提供项目部主要管理人员的劳动合同、社保缴纳和工资发放记录等证明材料供审查,涉嫌挂靠。   不具备招标条件而实施招标的问题比较突出。如靖西市住房工程、德保县民族中学分校区综合楼、广西右江民族商业学校公共租赁住房项目工程等,无土地使用证明、无建设用地规划许可证、无建设工程规划及施工图审查在建设工程规划许可之前办理等。   据介绍,对受检项目存在的问题,检查组均已责成当地住房城乡建设主管部门发出书面执法文书,要求责任单位限期落实整改。对涉嫌存在“三包一靠”行为、涉嫌无证施工、拒不整改的宁明县城中镇城西(泰和新城)片区项目4#楼,横县校椅镇第三初级中学学生宿舍楼,梧州福达花园B1#、B2#楼等18个工程进行挂牌督办。在本次检查中,共有27名执业人员明显履职不到位,导致施工现场管理混乱、存在较多质量安全隐患,被予以全区点名通报批评,责令整改并暂停在广西执业资格90日。相关的主题文章: