10 years ago, Trump leaked out and played with a married woman 66814

Trump 10 years ago with a married woman had leaked recording boast international online Zhuangao: according to the CNN (CNN) reported that the United States on October 7th, a Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump in 2005 during the recording of data is "Washington Post" formal disclosure. In this recording, Trump boasted that he once married women play, and try to have sex in their own words to women "or proud. This recording was disclosed, immediately aroused a great disturbance in the network. It is reported that the recording for Trump in 2005 to participate in the Hollywood into the TV program recorded. At that time, the official television program has been recorded, Trump and the host is a private chat, and he wore a small microphone recorded his whole conversation. "I tried to chase her, but failed," Trump said in a vulgar language. "I did try to get her, but I didn’t do it. She was a married woman." "Then one day I saw her, simply changed the personal Longde chest, in particular," Trump said. In addition, Trump also admitted in the dialogue, he was often attracted to a beautiful woman, and said he could not help but to kiss them, like a magnet to attract the same." "As long as you are a child, what you are capable of," Trump said. "They are dialogue, (beautiful woman) what are you doing, you can even play their nakedness, what." In the video was exposed, immediately caused a great disturbance on the internet. The Democratic Party immediately seized the opportunity to attack Trump. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary ·, on twitter, said: "this is terrible, we can not let such a person to become president of the United States on." Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim · Kaine said that Trump’s remarks "offputting". Trump, 7, publicly apologized for his remarks. He said: "that recording has a ‘locker room chat’ nature, it is just a private conversation years ago. When Bill · Clinton on the golf course can be said this is much more serious than I, I told him it was nothing compared to. But I still have to say sorry to all the people who feel offended."相关的主题文章: