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10 years after the return of young school reading literacy is a problem – Sohu culture channel Zheng Weisheng’s circle of friends, he has confused on reading education. "Boon College classroom". In mid August, students leave, a teacher stay. Zheng Weisheng shows his classic book "package". A14-A15 version of photography Beijing News reporter Luo Ting since the last century since 90s, the Taiwan scholar Wang Caigui preached in the mainland and set up a name for "honest" reading a lot of "theory system" has to cultivate sages for the purpose of reading as a means to full-time. At that time, it is Ancient Chinese Literature Search heat rise, "reading classics" in the development of China, Wang Caigui’s theory to obtain a large number of believers support. Ten years ago, reading hot climax, the country hundreds of Bible school like bamboo shoots after a spring rain is established, large number of young left school to study into the reading system of education. Now, the first batch of reading children have adults, they have also become the experiment system of "education". So, how to nearly ten years of "education"? This group of children reading the earliest and what kind of mentality? Beijing News reporter on the reading out of a phenomenon, with Wang Caigui as the leading education industry chain. Few people go to school experience, more twists than Ji’nan teenager Zheng Weisheng. The fourth grade primary school when he left the education system, after nine years, around eight, successively in the ten classics school study. Zheng Weisheng memories, that is close to the monastic life, living in the mountains, no power and no net, with the book as partners, recite ten hours a day. Zheng Weisheng dropped out of 2008, is the "reading classics" in the development of the Chinese. This new mode of education that can help children find their spiritual home, let them with the hole, Meng soul echo, creating large, even saints. This escape and parents agree without prior without previous consultation system of education, in pursuit of traditional culture in the country set up warmly, after thousands of reading in school, are yaotouhuangnao carrying a classic student. Now, the earlier group of children have adult reading. 19 year old Zheng Weisheng in the back end to the consciousness of more than and 20 words of the Scriptures, he worked for everything has been cast to the wind; the 20 year old Jiangsu girl Li Shumin at the university to attend, surrounded by a sudden shock, for the first time to feel the beauty of literature. From fanaticism, frustration, confusion to reflection, they overthrew what they once believed in and dedicated all their lives. A person reading circles as summary: looking for children, this is really a cruel experiment. "Your son is a big bookshelf with peers." Zheng Weisheng, not science fiction, Japanese comics, in addition to the Confucian classics, is buddhist. "Sami law instrument injection", "Little Buddha Sutra" top song…… Over the past nine years, Zheng Weisheng had the whole recite these scriptures. But now, he’s not willing to turn it around. This summer, he is preparing for the examination English. 19 years old, the most basic elementary school English is not very understanding, all have to start from scratch, is very difficult. August 12th, in Ji’nan home, speaking of road相关的主题文章: