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1 people can Haweiqin Barca he won the city – is the cornerstone of Fox Sports   Sohu; Haweiqin point Fox town 1 people for Barca last season, Leicester city a black in the end, won the Premier League title, shocked the football world for a time. Leicester city to complete this sign as there is, look at the last summer Gambling company out of the win odds at a glance, Leicester city has 1 lost 5000 odds of winning, fully considered degradation hot, but Ranieri took the fox abruptly to complete the counter attack, the club won the self built team in 132 years to the first top league. The vital city of Leicester winger Maher Leisz, the entire season scored 17 goals and 11 assists, won the England Premier League players union’s annual MVP. This summer, once heard Maher Alvarez leave, but Leicester city renewal and The path winds along mountain ridges. In fact, in addition to Kanter’s move to Chelsea, Leicester city to retain the other players, including Vardi, Covert and Schmeichel’s. The new season, the city of Leicester will be four lines, in addition to the Premier League, FA Cup and Carling Cup, as well as the Champions League, they were divided into the group G as the seed team, with the team in Oporto, Bruges and Copenhagen. From the point of view of the team, the city of Leicester has the opportunity to lead the team in the first place, Maher Leisz led the fox stars, the ability to set off a whirlwind in the Champions league. The day before, Barcelona legend Harvey admitted in an interview, I hope Maher Leisz surprises in the Champions League, and that he can gain a foothold in Barcelona. "Maher is very good and can play for Barcelona, but I am happy that he can stay in Leicester." Harvey said in an interview, he must make a choice, if the loss of the city of Leicester, such as Maher Leisz’s big star, it would be a pity. So it will be very interesting for him to stay in Leicester and I really want to see him and Leicester in the Champions League this season." (little care)相关的主题文章: