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The children of 1-5 appear to be alert, it will affect the achievement of Sohu – mother Ruirui just 5 years old, her mother found a particularly poor. She began to learn English from kindergarten classes, the alphabet for two years, and now still do not know. Mother pulled Ruirui and taught several times ABC, finished mother asks again, Ruirui stared at it for a long time, like the first time to see the same nonsense, a pass, no one said to the. My mother was angry, and a few fierce Rui Rui, Rui Rui actually burst into tears, a pair of grievances to the extreme of the appearance, the more the more the mother looked angry, hit a Rui Rui rui. And then he hugged her and cried. Rui Rui while crying for mother to teach her. This let mother super depressed, she did not know why her daughter learn something so slow, it reminded her to teach literacy Ruirui also encountered the same problem, "or" these two words, Ruirui learned two weeks did not know. Mom is not supposed to take Rui Rui to the hospital to check to see if her IQ is not a problem. But she also denied their own ideas. Ruirui articulate, small mouth to speak, speak the truth a set. The mother tells her, Ruirui not possible to read sensitive period. Small force of the mother has another distress. The teacher agreed to reflect the small force of attention is not concentrated, can not sit in class, the teacher asked us to sit upright, small force can not sit two minutes on the table. Instead of holding an eraser, take a pencil and play it. Play for a while bored to find the next child to speak, and sometimes deliberately will make some make people laugh behavior. In fact, the focus of small force on the issue of small classes when the teacher will reflect. At that time, small force mother has always felt that the child is still small, attention time is short, sitting is normal. The small force grew up, she was also a special attention to the small force trained, when she found a small force of learning is inattention, but when playing games, watching TV is focused, sometimes you can see Lele Oh 2, 3 hours in front of the tv. Small force mother think small force is the problem of learning interest has not been brought up. So she didn’t care. Lele’s situation and Rui Rui and small force is not the same, this day after school, the teacher deliberately Lele mother stay, said Lele situation. The teacher said Lele was a loner, the teacher with the children to do the game, Lele never involved, a person in business while playing. At first, the teacher thought it was the separation anxiety. Over the next few weeks, most of the other kids can adapt to the rhythm of the teacher, Lele is still not gregarious, the teacher told him, just like to hear the teacher, let the kids set games, eat and sleep, most of the other kids can only observe, Lele nothing will. Until the teacher came to him and told him that he would react slowly. The teacher observed for two weeks, combined with the views of other teachers, told Lele mother. The teacher said that the child should be alert to the situation of parents, it is best to check, may have an impact on his future study. The teacher just said, Lele相关的主题文章: