07Real data to tell you Shanghai, New York, London, which in the end strong|Real data to tell you Shanghai, New York, London, which in the end strong9

Real data to tell you Shanghai, New York, London, which in the end strong? U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant Shanghai residential total price is likely to have more than New York, after London, this is the three quarter of the international real estate consultant Dead Leung Ban recently released data revealed in the conclusion. This year, with the rise of China’s first tier cities real estate prices, and London, New York and other cities in the world has become a hot topic of comparison. From the three per capita GDP contrast, the past five years, Shanghai’s per capita GDP compared with New York, London, while narrowing, but there is still not a small gap. In 2010, the per capita GDP in London is more than 400 thousand yuan, New York more than 300 thousand yuan, which is 5 times that of Shanghai and 4 times; in 2015, the per capita GDP in London fell to about 370 thousand yuan, New York is about 310 thousand yuan, while Shanghai rose to 100 thousand yuan, the ratio of reduced to 3 times. 2010-2015, the average annual growth rate of 6% per capita in Shanghai is at the same time, New York, London, the growth rate was 1.1% and 2.2%, respectively, GDP. Shanghai’s per capita GDP growth rate is about 6 times that of New York, London about 3 times. If the growth rate is maintained and assuming that New York and London remain the same, Shanghai’s GDP per person is likely to overtake London and New York in the years to come. But in this process, prices have to go beyond the two city several times the speed to catch up. Dead Leung Ban data show that in 2010 a total of Shanghai real estate price of about 2 million 530 thousand yuan, then New York is $3 million 340 thousand, London is $4 million 10 thousand, about 1.32 times and times. But New York’s housing prices in 2014 has been surpassed by Shanghai, when the total price of 3 million 240 thousand yuan Shanghai sets, only $3 million 60 thousand in New York, London reached $4 million 770 thousand. By 2015, Shanghai to 3 million 970 thousand yuan of the total price, New York will throw a gap, still less than 4 million 930 thousand yuan in 20% in london. But note that the London and New York real estate price calculation is set, set inside the real area, and Chinese real estate price calculation is the production permit area (including the pool area), according to the general multi pool of 5%-10%, small high-level (11-13 layer) of the pool for the 13%-17% high layer (18 the pool floor and above) rate of 20%-23%, Shanghai and London are the 20% sets of price difference, plus since 2016 this wave of rising, it soon seemed negligible. 2010-2015 years, Shanghai prices steadily, an annual increase of 4%-20%, with an average annual growth rate of 10%. New York house price volatility is stronger, the annual growth rate of floating between -5.0%-8.5%, the average annual growth rate of 0.7%; London prices in 2014 and 2015 2014 sudden force, the annual growth rate of more than 10%, the average annual growth rate of about 6%. From this perspective, the growth rate of Shanghai house prices 1