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Anhui netizen complaints owners by the public channel   official rectification — Anhui channel — original title: Anhui netizen complaints by the public official channel owners rectification October 14 Beijing Xinhua (Zhang Zheng) recently, a netizen posted in Anhui, reflecting the Huaibei local owners of illegal occupation of public access to the existing problems. Owners of illegal occupation of public access, embezzlement of public space, blocking the fire escape. Significant fire hazard." In this regard, the CPC Huaibei Municipal Committee Office reply said that after investigation, the situation is indeed reflected in Internet users. Huaibei city fire brigade of Huaibei new Zhongyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd. made the punishment, and issued a "book" the decision on administrative punishment, according to law, a fine of five thousand yuan; at the same time interviewed relevant responsible person, require serious supervision and rectification, immediately restored public domain without Quanzhan, to ensure public safety. [Internet message] respected Secretary: hello! I am Anhui Huaibei Oriental City Plaza, block B, room 2204, the owner of the property by the new Huaibei Zhongyuan Real Estate Development Co., ltd.. By the end of 2015, developers in the project without the approval of relevant departments irregularities to the owners of others, room 2205 owners of illegal occupation of public channel, occupy public space, blocking the fire escape, fire rescue shelter space squeeze, fire facilities. This gave me the inconvenience, but also a major fire safety risks. I found many times to reflect the requirements of developers, to deal with illegal construction according to law, restored. Although developers ignore, for no reason to shirk, no treatment. Secretary Li urged to help solve. Answer: friends, hello! To see your message after the provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin, municipal supervision office timely entrusted supervision, Urban Planning Bureau, the city fire brigade were handled. The reply is as follows: the city fire brigade staff to check, discover the East City Plaza B block 1 unit movements households, in order to expand their room area, does exist in the two public areas to make a wall behavior. Although not affect, not public plugging evacuation routes, but in the wall, a public part of fire detectors, sprinkler to occupy the room of their own, affect the normal use of public area fire alarm, spray. In this regard, the city fire brigade issued "fire supervision and inspection record" (2016 – 0194), ordered to immediately correct the "notice" (i.e. word Huai public consumption 2016 Article No. 0028), Huaibei new Zhongyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd. made the punishment, and issued "administrative penalty decision" (Gong Huai (disambiguation) for the 2016 penalty never word no. 0012), according to its fine 5000. At the same time interviewed Huaibei City Zhongyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd. responsible person, require careful supervision and rectification, to occupy the public area without immediate recovery, strengthen supervision, to ensure public safety. The Urban Planning Bureau to Huaibei new Zhongyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd. issued "on the" City Plaza two "block B residential building illegal construction behavior rectification notice", requiring the construction unit according to the planning of construction is not restored, according to planning requirements of illegal construction, planning will not be completed acceptance, and on the basis of ")相关的主题文章:

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When prices rise or fall in the hearts of the people exposed to the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! When prices only rise into 2016, a second tier property market crazy let us each big city obvious to people, "the most expensive land" frequent, in September the people of Shanghai also staged a divorce to buy the ". People complaining about the high prices, the property market into the side regardless of personal danger. At the same time, each person’s heart into the market regardless of personal danger with a tangle: buy, or how to do; not buy, can not afford to miss the chance to do? Some time ago, Henan has a small business of uncle aunt, worried about soaring prices once again exceeded their capacity to pay, to carry a sack of his trading down to save money to buy a house sales offices, of course, this is not a sack of money hundred dollar bills, but one yuan and five yuan. Finally, the sales offices dispatched employees to the digital count a sack of money, a total of thirty thousand blocks. China’s property market since the commercialization has not experienced a big adjustment, in the case of no reference history, we are more willing to believe that prices will continue to rise. From this little thing can be seen, the concept of housing prices rose only to the depth of the social risk has been able to resist the weakest group. Today, more and more people began to believe that the property is protected by the government can not fall down a cow, especially the first tier cities prices will be more firm. However, a crazy market will eventually return to the original value, no matter how long the period of regression, and how is the return of the last year, A shares of the stock market crash is a real example, but it return the way some not good-looking, is a hard landing. The bubble will be squeezed out, let the asset return to a reasonable price, the process may be three years, perhaps five years, but is unlikely to be a hard landing in Japan, it might be a Renminbi denominated prices did not fall, but the dollar denominated prices is shrinking. The market some bearish market outlook, from which we can see some risks out of the property market China. First, China buyers repayment burden over the subprime crisis when Americans in 2011 ~2012 years, the mortgage repayment amount Chinese households accounted for the annual burden of household disposable income is below 20%, and in 2015 rose to 28% in 2016, or will be close to 40%. The United States in the subprime mortgage crisis, the repayment burden rate of up to 32%. While Japan’s asset bubble period, the repayment burden rate reached 45%, the asset bubble burst, and then gradually returned to the level of about 20%. Comparison shows that China is as high as 40% repayment burden ratio, beyond the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States, has been close to the asset bubble era Japan, visible, Chinese balance degree of depth, the pressure of repayment. Two, the net growth rate of housing prices in the first tier cities, a number of second tier cities to the king, the land cost to a new height, and even hedge the mainland low profit theory相关的主题文章:

Deep driving – artificial intelligence technology will change the driverless – Sohu Technology-whereisip

— artificial intelligence technology will change the driving depth of unmanned technology – Sohu ten years ago, Google began to layout a driverless car project, the expensive optical radar and high-definition map technology as its strategic development goals. Today, these two technologies are still an important pillar of Google unmanned project. Based on the data obtained from the optical radar and the camera, we can locate the unmanned vehicle on the map, but this method has not been able to meet the practical requirements. Driverless cars need to have a good perception and decision making ability to drive in a complex environment or in a changing street, which in itself is uncertain. Now, we mainly rely on artificial intelligence technology – depth study to solve this problem. Unlike in the past, we do not use the default algorithm, but let the system through the example of learning, autonomous learning how to make a correct response to an input. It can be said that for most of the cognitive tasks and some low-level control problems, deep learning is the most effective solution. Driverless cars need to be aware of the system to identify moving objects (cars, pedestrians) and fixed objects (Lu Dengzhu, the edge of the road). It can detect dynamic objects in three ways, including cameras, laser scanners and radar. In these three ways, the camera is the cheapest, but in the past, the image into the object is difficult to detect, so this is the lowest rate of use. Through deep learning, we found that the ability to understand and use these images was significantly improved. Even more exciting is that we found that the task of deep learning makes unmanned technology to make further progress. Multi task deep learning refers to the training system and to identify the lane, cars and pedestrians, the training result is better than the three subsystems of independent implementation, this is because in a single network, information can be shared. Unmanned technology is not entirely dependent on the pre-set map, but only the map as one of the data streams, combined with sensors to obtain data to help the system to make decisions. For example, a neural network system through the map information acquired in advance and the position of the crosswalk, pedestrian detection to pass, this ratio only depend on the image data to be much more accurate. In the past, due to the automatic driving car driving is not stable, causing many people to take the automatic driving vehicle will produce the feeling of motion sickness. Now, deep learning can help us alleviate this headache problem, so that the automatic driving car to learn how to drive human beings and skills, will make the passengers feel more natural. Now, deep learning is only just beginning to emerge in the field of technology on unmanned. But just as it has made a breakthrough in image search and speech recognition, deep learning may change the future of unmanned technology. Editor: Cui Chaoyu source: MIT Technology Review MIT Technology Review’s first book "the top" Chinese technology available now is changing the world scientific fact, most worthy of investor expectations of technology recruitment editing, visual design and Practice相关的主题文章: