53NBF EUR GBP pullback near the end of the purchase|NBF EUR GBP pullback near the end of the purchase4

NBF: the euro is nearing the end of the pound should buy Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! On Tuesday, the euro pound in the vicinity of the cloth belt rail 0.8520-0.8545 narrow range consolidation, the dollar since mid month to month early shock rise, then quickly pulled straight in the month exchange rate hit the highest since March 0.8724, the recent exchange rate of finishing down, 50% Fibonacci retracement to the line after a slight rebound, currently still in the bottom line 38.2% callback. Hour chart, the exchange rate has been running at above the average, moving average, moving average upward trend, the exchange rate outlook remains bullish; MACD green energy column shrinking, close to the axis, the decline of kinetic energy failure; RSI value has been steady at near the bottom, there are signs up. Overall, the euro pound callback stage is nearing completion, the exchange rate is Pactrometer, soon there will be a strong rally, it is suitable to buy. Since the British off the European referendum, pound fell sharply, the euro 0.7599 pound word all the way up to 0.8724, up 14%; Britain from Europe off lead to pessimistic economic outlook, the British central bank easing is expected to strengthen the long-term bearish sterling. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion

76Tencent will become an advertising company – Sohu Technology|Tencent will become an advertising company – Sohu Technology5

Tencent will become an advertising company – Sohu a Tencent to test the technology last week "mutual advertisement", a small part of WeChat, the deployment of this kind of advertisement. Similar to the past wide point through advertising, advertising as the main display position in the "WeChat public number, and the same is located below the public number single text. But such advertising and wide points in different places, it gives the main flow (i.e., the number of public operators, or that the media end) more options. Traffic can choose to put the main or not put on the ad, you can also give a target coverage and price, to achieve this coverage to obtain all advertising revenue, failed to reach the proportion of settlement. According to a new list of WeChat domestic public number monitoring institutions that cover the main flow promised cannot "sky shout", WeChat system will be based on the number of public past performance, to determine whether the amount of the public number to reach. The amount of shouting, and will not pass. In this way, advertisers can also choose the number of public. So called mutual advertising. One of my friends asked, now, mutual advertising is only in a small part of the public, in the water, the possibility of future spread? This must return to the Tencent Inc’s own changes in this point of view. Two I have counted several financial indicators of Tencent since 2014. The latest quarter, the second quarter of 2016, the emergence of a seemingly small but very important changes in the structure of the income of Tencent: the game accounted for the proportion of the total revenue, below the 50%. Actual accounting for 47.98%. Tencent, although known as QQ, is a social company. But in fact, Tencent has been the main business model is the game. Before the 3Q war, QQ for the meaning of the whole Tencent is: for their own business module diversion. But the interesting thing is that Tencent founder Ma Huateng, almost never participate in any game industry forum, summit, nor for their own game platform. Although according to the people of Tencent, said Ma Huateng in the interior of the game business very seriously, the evidence is: on the game of mail, frequent business contacts. With the addition of a game company NetEase founder Ding Lei, also attended the ChinaJoy and delivered a speech, different. As a spectator, people try to figure out, although the Tencent Inc of great game business relied on, but Ma Huateng heart, not necessarily think this thing how glorious. The real thing is that cloud computing, artificial intelligence, is to connect everything. For example, the last time, Ma Huateng accepted economist Qian Yingyi dialogue interview, mentioned the game only two words, mainly not in the game. What is this: in the past our strengths in communication, just started the game as a Tencent without the gene, but many genes need to develop slowly. Three years to start a grand game, but Chen Tianqiao has always believed that the game company as entertainment. He tried to build an online Disney to become a professional game company, lack of interest..